McCain, Kyl: Put 3K troops on border

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    I wasn’t sure whether to post this under AZ News or AZ Politics since covers both. Yesterday Sens. Kyl and McCain unveiled a security plan that calls for more soldiers, federal agents, fencing and funding to help Arizona combat illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

    The Republican lawmakers called for the deployment of 3,000 National Guard soldiers to Arizona’s international border as part of their 10-step border plan unveiled Monday in Washington, D.C. The senators also asked for troops in April 2009.

    Gov. Jan Brewer wants to deploy 250 additional National Guard soldiers but doesn’t want to use state funds to pay for them. The federal govt hasn’t answered a formal request from her and other border governors. The decision to deploy the NG would have to come from the president or the Dept of Defense.

    The 3,000 Guardsmen McCain and Kyl want would be 12 times the number Brewer requested and more than the total in Arizona at the height of the Bush administration’s Operation Jump Start mission in 2006-2008. The number of troops in Arizona during the two-year mission peaked at about 2,400 in Arizona and 6,000 across the U.S.-Mexico border. During the mission, troops helped the Border Patrol by building roads and fences, operating radios and sitting in observation posts near the border to report activity. Guardsmen were not allowed to apprehend or engage anyone they encountered. The 140 Arizona NG troops now assigned to support the Border Patrol help with surveillance, analysis and drug-education efforts.

    above snippets from Arizona Daily Star <= article also has 10-step plan. personal note … not to sound cynical but ya think upcoming election is making Mac see the light..?! Whatever the reason is .. the border is WAY too porous — something’s gotta be done. j

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