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    In General Discussion there’s the suggestion that APN members would like to see each others’ personal blogs. This seems to me to be a good idea. Shoot me down if I’m missing something. How about a sub=forum under General title “Member’s blog sites.” One locked stickie post with links to members’ blog sites. With necessary disclaimers.

    The idea would be that if A is strolling around and seems to connect with what B is posting/commenting, A could go find out if B has a personal site. Locked so that we have some editorial/ moderator discretion, based objectively on the APN code of conduct. (A seemingly normal guy who posts here, but has a blog filled with Jew bashing wouldn’t get his personal site added to the list.)

    In some sense, this is what the states’ forums are supposed to be about. But personal blogs are just that– personal. Folks take more liberty on their own blogs. With proper disclaimer, I think it’s a good way to promote ourselves. I do NOT think personal blogs should be listed on the home page. But I do see it as another way to make the network stronger.

    Just a thought.

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