SHAVING-Men Shaving, what type of razor do you use?

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    Paul Stevens

    Guys, I got really tried of paying out the bucks for the triple razor blades and picked up a like new old fashioned safety razor at an antique store for $8. Disinfected and cleaned it with soap and bleach. I found the blades still being carried at Walgreens for $6.99 for a pack and stocked up. Much better than the $25 for a pack that I was paying. My wife got me one of the ones that unscrews and the blade goes in the top as well. I really like the type that opens by turning the handle on the bottom that I found at the antique store. I open it up and wash it out after each use and place it on a ceramic dish. It seems to last longer between blades. This is the type that I grew up with.

    Walgreens doesn’t sell the safety razors in the store but I did find them new on their web site for $69.

    What are you shaving with?

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    Bumping for visibility This is the ONLY thread that I could find on shaving! I know a lot of guys use electric razors. Are you storing razors? Disposable or the old-fashioned refillable. I’m sure some are going to come on and say “I’m not going to shave” … but what about the summer (especially those of you south!)?

    Are you stocking just men’s? Or women’s too? I read somewhere that women’s razors are overpriced, just because they are pink, so just purchase men’s and they’ll work just fine. I stocked up on a lot of razors, a number of years ago, when I was coupon shopping. Having done so, in a long, long time, because the coupons were not as good a deal, anymore. I store ours in a storage tote, to keep them dry. I’m always afraid of a roof leaking all over whatever I have stored in closets, etc.


    For any guys who want to use a gas mask…unless you have a powered air purifier then you’ll need to have razors so you can be clean shaven. I stock a small pack of disposable razors for an emergency shave in the box with the gas masks. For everyday use (post-SHTF) I only plan on shaving once a week (like I do now) and on that rotation, a single Mach 3 or the Gillette 5 bladed monster (Fusion maybe?) I can get months of use before I start getting nicked. At that rate I already have enough replacement blades to last me the rest of my life.
    I already have enough soap, and I have a couple of solar shower bags so if those don’t break, I don’t even need to use fuel to heat water for a shave. 🙂


    I’m currently using disposable razors and a rechargeable hair/beard trimmer. I have a small stock of replacement blades, and the trimmer is chargeable on USB in addition to AC, so it should be solar panel chargeable from a small system (something to confirm).

    I did recently pick up a straight razor and strop, but haven’t worked up to practicing with that yet.

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