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    While on another forum yesterday I was “conversing” with another about the economy:what else is new? I gently introduced the topic of the importance of preparing ourselves for any contingency, particularly an economic meltdown. While in agreement with most, the original poster declared that his brother “lived off the land, was able to survive should anything happen, and that he lived in Maine”. So, should the worst occur he would just go to his brother’s piece of property and I’m assuming he meant that all would be well.

    I posted back to him the following: “And what are YOU bringing to your brother’s retreat and what can YOU bring to his table? In other words, in terms of supplies to share with all, skill sets that would help all and above all, permission. I haven’t seen anything by way of a reply, but I opined to him that this seems to be the mind set of too many. That it’s presumptuous to impose ourselves and our families on other family members thinking that we will benefit from their largesse while doing nothing ourselves. Hopefully this will give him food for thought. I’m amazed that so many think this way without regard for the time and money spent, as well as patience and planning by those who have the foresight to act. I have to say that I get very impatient with these people and faintly disgusted. It will be interesting to see what he replies.

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