More wonderful news for the redneck today,,, NOT

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    Mornin fellow preppers,

    Just wanted to say that the economic colapse is slowly unfolding before our eyes. It feels to me like TPTB are determined to choke off the few working people that are left.

    My job has never been one of the highest paying employers in the world, but its very close to home, has good benifits, have very nice coworkers, and I just really enjoy what I do. One of our benefits has always been good health insurance. My employer pays for mine, and I pay for half of my wife and kids. It has always been a good deal untill in walks OBAMACARE.

    Our employer has given raises yearly until 2009. We did not get a raise in 2009, or 2010. Now I am not complaining about the raise issue. I fully see how our economy is down, and I’m glad to have the job I have. In Oct 2011 we got a 3% raise, and we appreciated it. We were all shocked given the way the economy is here. Well in Jan. 2012 our insurance company raised our rates, by a lot, and on average we were taking home 42$ per check less than we were 2 years earlier. Well our employer managed to give us another raise in Oct. 2012. I honestly don’t know how with the economy, but they did. Well we were informed yesterday that our insurance company was raising our rates again. As it stands now, starting next week, on average we will all be bringing home around 80$ per check less than we were 3 years ago.

    I talked to the administrater, and he says its all stemed from the new Obamacare. He has checked several other providers and the one we currently have still offers the most affordable deal for us. He says it wil be this way for any employer by the end of this year, and for people who buy private insurance.

    And for the real killer, He also told me that they were doing all they can to keep things like they are, but He could not promise us that they would be able to offer us family coverage after 2013, as Obamacare takes full effect. He says they nor the employees are expected to be able to afford it.

    Thanks Again for Your HOPE and Change MR. Obama

    Have a great day

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