Movie: Right At Your Door…Not thrilling, but nice.

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    I rented a movie on iTunes for a business trip last week called “Right At Your Door.”
    The premise: a normal morning. a 20-something couple in Suburban L.A. The wife goes leaves for work. at about 9AM there is a news flash that several “dirty bombs” have gone off in downtown L.A. Panic, Chaos. Roadblocks….. Here’s the twist. It was a Biological agent… The guy goes crazy and plastic wrap seals his windows… etc. I think that it was more dramatic than anything else….. The wife comes home. He can’t let her in… etc. The book premises on a lot of things.
    1. the virus could be airborne for miles.
    other Movie conveniences… etc.
    I think the movie accurately portrayed how 20somethings in L.A. would think… “You’re going to believe fox news!?” etc.
    This being said, I think that giving consideration to an overall CBRN threat has some merit.
    Many households will have some member closer to a “risk zone” than others, so it makes sense and there is a chance that a contaminated party would be able to make it home, and need to go through a hasty decon and perhaps Isolation. Breaking down the threat tiers; If it were a Chemical agent, they’re probably not going to make it home. Especially Nerve Agents.
    But, a pathogen or Radialogical agent contamination? That takes a while, but treatment and decon is very Do’able.
    All in all, the movie was Ok……..definitely a renter for entertainment but not one for the Prepper’s Library

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