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    I have in my garage an olde Chevy. A 1967 Chevrolet Biscayne. A 6 Cylinder with the olde Three on the Tree.

    I rebuilt the motor in it many years ago and the engine has less than 10,000 miles on it since the rebuild. It is not in particularly good shape…an olde beater if you like..but it is a tank so to speak. She also has in her a new radiator.

    And it is not an electronic ignition computer driven car. It still has points and a condenser…something on which I was raised to do my own tune ups.
    I am not that good with these new electronic tune up cars and to tell you the truth ..they aggrevate me …even if they go longer between tune ups…and start faster.
    She has a simple one barrel Carburetor on her.

    You know what else I like about this olde car…when you open the can see plenty of ground underneath the car. She is not festooned with hoses and wires. The KISS principle..Keep It Simple Stupid.

    I have been slowly putting back parts for it. Two sets of points..and condenser..and today a ignition coil. Going to need a new battery too.

    I need to slowly start putting a tire on it every couple of weeks…until I have five new tires for it…one for the spare. Those olde E78-14 tires are not as expensive as some of the newer tires of today…and many places till stock them under the newer numbering system.

    Without breaking the bank..I am thinking is time to get this thing ready for the road….just in case.

    Oh..she does not run well on this unleaded gas..but for what I have in mind ..that is going to be academic…

    I am thinking the same thing about my olde Puch two cycle moped…it still has points and a condenser in it.

    My .02,

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