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    Here is a post from the e-newsletter I get from the Springs Road Gun Club (Shooting Range and Training) in Hickory. I don’t have any personal experience with the NC Ranger Corp, but it sounds interesting. Do any of you know anything about it?

    North Carolina Range Corp
    The North Carolina Ranger Corps is a civil defense organization, consisting of highly trained and well-equipped volunteers who are tasked with protecting and preserving the life, liberty, and property of every citizen of North Carolina before, during, and after a natural or man-made disaster.
    As part of its mission, the NCRC works to teach citizens the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare for and survive any disaster.
    Any citizen of North Carolina can become a North Carolina Ranger, regardless of race, gender, religion, politics, habit and/or creed. It is a requirement that individuals who wish to become Rangers are of high moral character and are willing to assist their family and community in a time of need. Every individual who wants to become a Ranger must complete certain qualifications to be considered for Ranger status. The title “Ranger” is always earned and never given.
    To get more information on the North Carolina Ranger Corps visit our website at

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