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    Hello all. It seems this site like most others doesn’t have the activity that it did just a couple of years ago. Maybe it is just the Virginia section? Other sites I am a member of seem to have less than 10 people active statewide. You would think that at a time like this, this year in particular, people would be waking up to the realization that come November, if not sooner, life as we know it can be in for a major change.

    Me and my family are worried about the outcome of this years election, and how it will affect our lives, as well as the Country that we love so much. We have never been people to give up, always try to see the positives with most things. This year however it seems like there is little positive to hope for in whatever the outcome is. On one side, we most likely lose our Constitution and way of life, on the other side there are threats of mass chaos and anarchy if Trump wins, thus affecting our way of life (not just us here, but US everywhere). Is there any light at the end? How are my fellow Virginians preparing for this?

    I don’t have a group of people to talk to, to share ideas or concerns, or even to just feel like there are other people out there that think the same as me. I would really like to find some local people, meaning within an hour drive at most, to become friends with, or just to chat with on a regular basis. We are doing everything we can here to be ready for whatever, but nobody can do everything. I have areas I try to focus my research and expertise, and I try to organize my family the same way, everyone has at least one thing they are responsible for learning, and knowing. I like to think of it as Jack of all trades, Master of ONE.. not none. Even this is difficult at times.

    So if there are any people near Nelson County, feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you like.

    A little more about me I guess.. 36, Recent HAM licensee, have equipment set up (covering 160m all the way to 70cm) and using it, working on upgrading my license so I can chat on the HF bands, but perfectly capable of listening (and enjoying it!). I am into organic gardening, food preservation, knowledge gathering, etc. I can get more detailed if I ever meet anyone in the area.

    Tony, KM4VER, checking in from Nelson County, VA.

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