Nervous about land auction….help?

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    Hi, y’all.
    The acreage that shares a property line with mine is going up for auction on bank foreclosure Thursday, tomorrow night. Most of our neighbors out there are wonderful people. But, we have one neighbor that is becoming a thorn in all our sides. So, for fear of getting another bad neighbor, and to keep the area sparsely populated, my hubby and I are wanting to go bid on this acreage. Thing is, I’m really nervous about it. If the price is low, I’d be stupid not to get it. But I envision myself getting in a bidding competition and ending up paying more than I can afford, just to keep somebody else from getting it. Property out there has no restirctions, and I could get a rundown trailer with junk cars and beer cans all over the place that I’d have to stare at for 30 years, right next door to me. I really don’t need the additional acreage, I just want to keep it vacant and quiet.
    I know things will work out as they’re intended to, but I’ve never been to an auction before, much less bid several thousand dollars in one. I want to pay cash so I don’t have any more debt. I can do it, but it would be tight for a few months. It might involve cancelling a summer vacation I planned with the kids.
    I guess my question is, what would you do, if you were in my situation? Am I being greedy, trying to control my surroundings, or am I just being prudent, trying to protect my happy place? And, is it worth the short-term financial pinch to not have to worry about it in the long run?
    This property is currently horse pasture. I’ve already got another good neighbor out there telling me he’ll lease it from me so he can have more room for his horses, and he’ll keep it bushhogged. So, even the property tax and maintenance would be covered. Plus, its higher ground than the property I already own, so less likely to flood.
    Thanks for your thoughts, anybody that cares to comment.

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