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    Last Man Standing

    Hello all, lets get the activity up in here for RI.


    Man has this placed died! Use to be the best at one time now it’s barely surviving.


    Not gonna lie. Reddit has a lot more activity.

    During the time I was waiting for someone to reply to a post I made I checked Reddit and found several communities. I came back to see how things are going but this site is really dead.

    I see several unanswered questions in 1 post threads, only a couple people actively answering questions, and several threads that have years between post’s. Its a shame.

    Illini Warrior

    yeh – APN is no longer the place to be – but – unless you’re a totally numbnutz prepper newbie go find someplace better than Reddit for conversing ….

    Reddit has tooooo much crossover from the other BS sections that are nothing but mindless liberal drones and anti-prepper in all ways >>> the r/preppers had 1,000s & 1,000s hammering the site with their “hoarding” BS and “you need to share & donate” BS …


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    I am looking for someone to connect with in the South Central PA area (York, Lancaster). I am hoping this site can lead me to some people to work with. I have some experience and knowledge in prepping and have been getting ready for a few years. Good skills, high integrity. My email is Thanks. Be safe. Dan.

    Nick Jones

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    Michael Lindsay

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    It’s been sometime since I’ve been here.and I must admit.the appearance here has improved.


    I’m new to the prepper forum and this seems like the best place to be. Yes, reddit has too much outside interference.

    On a positive note – I just purchased 35 acres in the beautiful Alabama countryside where I will build my fortress. Even better news, my neighbor is also a prepper and has had his fortress completed for 15 years. Life is good.


    long time since i said hello ,hello jim;
    keebler in Va.


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Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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