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    Hi everyone,

    I moved last fall, and am starting to plan a garden for my new house, starting from scratch.

    I pretty much know what I want, but thought you all might have some tips I hadn’t thought about. I had raised beds before, will do them again. Thinking of putting a chicken moat around it.

    Any suggestions?

    Kevin Dunagan

    First, you decide a place on a small square area where you have the space and conditions to grow what you want. Then start with a basic cleanup, by weeding and removing any dead plants. Then you should place garden based on the amount of sunshine. Make sure to plant in an area where you should get plenty of sunlight.
    If you want to construct a chicken moat, then it is a great idea because it keeps down the migration of unwanted grasses, weeds and insects into your plot. You can simply moat in a dry land, enclosed by two parallel fences, which surrounds your garden.
    Also use insecticide to prevent it from various types of pest, but choose the most effective, least harmful option. You can also take help from pest control East Bay CA experts or your local pest controller who can provide you to use some eco-friendly pesticide spray which will help your garden to get rid with various insects.

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    David Gallegos

    Well, starting a garden is one of the most rewarding things one can do. Whether you are planting fragrant Florals or a starting a vegetable garden, anyone can benefit from it. You should spend a day in your chosen spot, learn more about your soil, have a soil test done through your county cooperative extension office. Then construct a chicken moat, and enclosed them net fences, which surrounds your garden.

    For fertilizer and to control pests you should take help from pest control services.


    I’m looking for a good online site to buy Heirloom seeds. Any suggestions?

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