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    First, I just wanted to say thanks to whoever made up this board. It’s long overdue! Lots of really invaluable info here! As a new guy to the site, I thought I would share something I do at home to save money…

    Coffee- I got tired of paying 10+ dollars for a pound of coffee at the store. I realize that cutting out the middleman was the easiest way to save $$. I started reading online about coffee, how it’s roasted, can it be stored?, where do you get “green” beans etc. What I came up with is this: Coffee in the supermarket is not fresh at all! From the day it gets roasted it starts emitting essential vapor. Coffee is optimally “fresh” for about 7-10 days after roasting. The reason you see so many flavored coffees at the store is due to the fact that middlemen move it from the factory to their warehouse, to the stores, etc. and by the time you go to buy it, it’s degraded.
    I buy green coffee beans on Ebay for less than half of what it costs roasted in the store and the bean quality is nite and day! I roast my beans in a metal cage that I built. It fits the spit on my outdoor BBQ and turns slowly. I can control the time, temp etc to make the perfect roast for me. In the raw/green state, coffee beans can last a very long time. Only when the outer shell is cracked open, it compromises the quality. The other issue is mold. Beans can mold if stored in a damp environment. Double bagged with twist ties, then in a sealed heavy cardboard box on a shelf somewhere would suffice.
    I realize that coffee would be considered a luxury item in a survival setting, but if you have enough I think it would make an excellent bartering tool as well. If anyone wants to learn more about green coffee, roasting cages, etc. they can contact me via email, or I may be able to dig out some exacting measurements and make up a how-to guide for building a cage/drum for home roasting…

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