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    Hello, my name is Founderant and I would like to welcome you to the Indiana A.N.T.S forum.

    This forum was created so that Indiana ants could talk about local issues and preparations.

    Indiana colonies also use this forum to communicate with their members. You do not have to be a member of a colony, but it is a great way to meet and share knowledge face to face.

    We do not have any Indiana colonies at this time, so think about forming one. You only need a name and two members.

    If you do form a colony, let us know by posted the name of it here.

    Lil Leslie

    Hi Ya’ll!! I just joined APN via ANTS, and I don’t see any activity in here.. Do we have an active colony??


    Welcome to Indiana. Doesn’t look like there’s any activity here. I’m north of you near the MI line.


    I’m in southern Indiana, make sure I have preps all the time. I guess I grew up prepping, we just took care of ourselves. I am in pretty good shape food wise, add to it as I can. Did a Sam’s run the other day and we drove a couple hours to Odon to stock up on their good meat. It’s in Amish country and the stuff there is wonderful. I should have enough for a month or two from there. Next time I may add more before winter hits. We are about 12 miles from anything so I keep a good stock back so I can cook what I want without having to run to town. I bought ground beef, sage sausage, Italian sausage, tenderized round steaks, tenderloins, a beef tongue, chicken livers, baby back ribs, stew meat, a few filets, some strip steaks, and 4 pounds of Colby cheese.

    The other day I canned 15 pounds of apples, made 7 quarts. Today I took peppers from the garden, mushrooms, onions, sautéed them, then canned them with a touch of better then bouillion in the jars. I got 9 1/2 pint jars and 11 4 ounce jars. Need to open one and taste to see if they are good. I would like to do 7 more quarts of apples and 12 of tomato juice. I can do the apples but doubtful on the tomatoes. I’m about done for this year, have a lot up, even had to buy more jars. Wouldn’t mind to can some chicken breasts again for chicken salad.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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