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    Hi Im new to the network and looking for like minded individuals to learn and share ideas associated with prepping. I grew up in central Idaho off grid with my family until I was 16. I lived off grid on a vessal in seattle area for the better part of 7 years . I have started prepping plans for a retreat sinse the election was over. Im single with no kids I care for my father that is getting up in age and I believe in the Lord.

    My education: degree’s Aerospace science and alternative energy technology. FAA cert. Airframe & Powerplant Mech.

    Current occupation: Small biz owner aircraft maintenance On aging aircraft commercial fleet. To include flight line maint., structural repair , avionics tech support , mechanical tech support, engineering tech support , designing structural repairs ,corrosion control. long term aging aircraft maintenance planning and manpower management.

    My hobbys are collecting,restoring and repairing old equipment. long range shooting. Hunting , alt defence chemistry, gold prospecting , auto repair, welding, wood working, machining , gunsmithing.

    I hope to grow and learn from you guys and maybe share in knowledge that I have in some of my skill sets. 🙂 Best wishes Leo

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