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    Just registered today and thought I would make a quick post.

    I am retired and living in a very rural area of north central Illinois, right in the middle of corn and soybeans. By rural, I mean the nearest interstate is at least 20 miles away, the nearest McDonalds in 17 miles away and that’s where the nearest traffic lights also.

    I am retired times 3. I was in Vietnam in my late teens and when I came home I became a cop. I retired from that in 1987 at age 40 and returned to active duty with the Army. I made it to 1st Sgt on orders for the Sgt Major Academy when I was badly injured in a training accident and after a series of injuries, I was medically retired in 1999. I then became a claimsd examiner for the US Department of Veterans Adffairs and then became the very first military documents specialist in the entire VA system. After eight years, I got fed up, pasid my 16 years military time into the Fed Employee Retirement System and retired again.

    My wife and I have traveled around the entire country on a Honda Valkyrie motorcycle and this year we have started doing it again, but in a Jeep WRangler. There were too many dirty roads we couldn’t follow on the bike so now we can.

    I am really concerned about the economy, terrorism and of course, the ever present chance for a major disaster so I have become a prepper. My wife thinks I am a little strange and probably so do my neighbors but some have started conversations about it.

    Hope I can contribute and from reading some of the posts, I know I can learn here.


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