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    Greeting fellow preppers, I’m new to the forum I’ve been prepping for almost a year now, Theres 3 of us, my wife Luanne, and our Bennie she’s a welsh pembroke corgie, she is currently in charge of security and foraging, I think I’ve got most area’s covered, food, water, shelter,firearms ammo, but location I’m not so sure about. Currently we are about 200′ above sea level but were 1/4-1/2 mile from the water, Port Angeles has a major fault line running though it, any suggestion?, Is the olympic Pennisula a bad place to be when the crap hits the fan? There are so many scenairos as to what could happen. what a shock: I thought about eastern Washington, Northeast corner, But if we get Mt Baker and Rainer going off and prevailing wind due east. thats alot of ash, not to mention Yellowstone to the south. theres also the water factor on the east side of the state. I would really like to hear from you all, or maybe direct me to a topic already on this subject

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