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    Hi all ex military well prepared, looking for folks in my area (MI) that are up for some hands on survival training of all type. 8)


    Hello from Colorado. I am a new prepper. I mainly tell people I am taking care of my family when they question why I am doing what I do. My food storage is growing every week, yet the more I read the more I feel unprepared to truly take care of my family. I have garden boxes ready for Spring planting and plans for a chicken coop. I can’t cook a bean but I refuse to give up… I look forward to gaining knowledge from all of you and maybe someday can actually give advice.


    Preserving Mushrooms:

    You CAN can mushrooms, but they must be pressure canned. it is much easier to dry them. Rinse to remove any dirt, slice with an egg slicer, dip in an ascorbic acid (that’s just vitamin C) bath, and dry at about 95 degrees F. in a food dryer.


    Hi all, Somewhat of an insurance Prepper here. Located in south central WI. Anyone close by?


    welcome aboard sporttrac. Go to your user control panel, click the circle next to your state, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “join”. Your state specific section will then show at the top of your board index page. Enjoy the site!


    Shadan here in the DFW area looking for fellow preppers.

    Joe P

    Welcome and do not worry about the “Little Overwhelming” part, we were all there and sometimes still are. Cover the basics first, Water. food and protection and build from there. Lots of good information and lots of good people on these sites to help.


    Hello from Alabama
    The term “a little overwhelming” as it relates to prepping seems somewhat understated. We have begun the prepping journey about a year ago with guns, water and food. Still not where need to be. It is a process. Looking for like minded people to seek advice from.
    Have begun looking for property for a retreat and would value any advise about that.

    Thank you for the website.


    Hi,railroad member.I live in NW Louisiana,retired.I began prepping because of storms,kind of got out of hand.Don’t know of any other preppers here,thought I might find like minded souls here.Thanks&God bless. railroad


    Glad to have found my way here!
    My husband and I survived Hurricane Katrina, lived without electricity and all the “normal” necessities of life for 3 weeks. Even though that was 6 1/2 years ago, will never forget the need to be able to provide for yourself.

    “God helps those who help themselves”


    Welcome new forum members!


    Hello from central VA.


    Hello! I am Greyfeather. Just joining. My husband and I are fledgling preppers, glad to find so many like minded individuals. We are in GA just south of ATL. Hope to join some local groups.
    Greyfeather :gunsmile:



    Welcome to the forum from your neighbors to the south in jacksonville, FL.



    New member from eastern NC. I am a novice looking to increase my knowledge. I have done some prepping over the past 3 years. Have a Honda generator, solar/crank radio/flashlight, e-foods direct three month supply of food, candles, oil lamps, water proof matches, flint, water purifier and H2O purifying tablets, rain barrel, portable propane stove and propane, tools and a seed bank. I know I can also use many of these things in the event of a hurricane shutting things down for awhile. I am looking to research to see what I need to add to my supplies knowing I can only add a little at a time. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks!

Viewing 15 posts - 856 through 870 (of 1,282 total)
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