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    hapy to be here looking for grou of like minded people to join up with. currently living in south carolina so would prefer somewhere near (200mile) i am marine with two tours i iraq and wife is in nursing.

    acknowledge Him

    Hello, I’m new today. Live in Anchorage, AK with my wife and son. I like the feel of the site already and I know I will learn much here. Just getting started on my path to peace of mind. And part of that path is passing on to others what I learn here. I look forward to the learning curve.


    Long time prepper who has lived in the Las vegas valley for 26 years,my wife is a blessing and is a hardline prepper also.We welcome all balanced and sincere contacts!

    Good to meet you all!


    Hi, I believe it or not am new to blogging so forgive me if I have introduced myself in the wrong area.
    I live in Miami, Fl. and currently work for the State. I am also a firearms instructor for the NRA. I am new to prepping and inthe process of deciding whether to buy the “Wise” freeze dried food or the canned stuff. I really like the shelf life (25 years) on the wise product. As with everone, money is tight and the longer I can retain the purchased items the better. Any help or advise you all can share will be greatly appreceiated. Also, any advise/questions I can answer related to firearms and/or firearms training please feel free to ask.
    Thnks again, and stay safe!


    I’ve been doing my homework and basically trying to figure things out by myself. We’ve got a garden and are canning, root cellar in place , chickens doing well. Problem is maintaining a facade of normalcy while trying to create a sustainable homstead. I talk to lots of people hoping to inspire others to do the same. Its a lot of work and I feel like I’ll never quite be fully ready. There seem to be people who are on the same page but I wish we could network better here in our california foothill community. This is the first time I’ve ever posted anything anywhere, prefer out of the spotlight. I’d like to learn more about growing our own food, hoop houses/greenhouses/seed saving and starting seedlings/timing etc.


    I’m new to this forum, but not to working towards that state of “being prepared.” I’ve long been an advocate of preparedness, partly because I originally lived in a very rural area where running to the store every few days wasn’t an option anyhow.
    These days, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is home, and it’s also the site of landfall for hurricanes, so preparedness, both for evacuating and living afterwards, are very important. I do an internet radio program as well as blog, and preparedness is something I push often. It just goes hand in hand with camping, outdoors activities, and just plain living. I’m always telling people that they don’t need to be ready for the end of the world, but rather be ready for the average emergency first…like natural disasters, storms, job lay offs, and tight purse strings. My emergency pantry has tided us over many times without any fuss, as well as provided meals for unexpected guests. It’s also been raided a few times to help out a friend who’d hit hard times. It just plain makes sense to have one, along with the stuff one needs when the power goes out.

    You can find my blog at It covers a lot more than just preparedness, as it’s just about everything that has to do with getting ready and going out to do anything, and has a lot of camping entries.


    welcome new members!


    A warm AZ welcome to all our new members..!!! Thank you all for joining and look forward to hearing more as you settle in. 🙂 itsa


    Hello All,

    Mike here. Glad I found this forum, I have been prepping for about 1 year now and we are having a good time with it. I hope to find some people near me in the NC foothils to network with. Lots of good stuff to read here!


    Hi all,
    I introduced myself a couple days ago in a separate thread.

    I just want to say that, after looking around here, this is the best group I’ve ever found on the internet for anyone wanting to become self-reliant! I am completely amazed at the wealth of information all of the members have.

    I’m hoping to gain a LOT from becoming a member here, and I hope to add what I can to help others! I am a professional woodworker with an engineering background (former designer for General Motors), so I hope that I’ll be able to help people with their questions on building and making things from wood. I also want to concentrate on working with non-electric hand tools (prepping for a JIC/SHTF scenario), though power tools will be practical for something being built right now.

    I’m VERY happy to have found the APN!!!



    Welcome Mike and MichPatriot


    Hello everyone,

    I’m happy to have found this sight. In the last year I have felt a sense of urgency to become more self reliant. Although we are so use to having everything we need available at all times it is all very fragile and the illusion that it will always be there is fading. I am very new at this and want to learn everything that I can and hope to be able to offer anything that I can. Time to awake out of sleep.

    Gary from Sacramento, Ca


    Welcome Gary

    crazy lu

    Hi Im crazy lu,I’m from NJ, about 20 minutes from Newark airport. Lucky me. I live in a nice small town, but am surrounded by not so nice towns with major gang activity. I am a father of 3 and have 3 dogs. My wife and I have been stock piling for a couple years now. Ammo, Food, both canned and freeze dried, survival and hunting tools and referance books, some water also. I dont know whats going to happen, but strongly believe something will. Hopefully I’m wrong, but you never know. I used to preach prepping, but people thought I was crazy, so now I do it quietly and plan on keeping my doors locked when the nay sayers come knockin’


    Hello ALL!!
    Praise the Lord for such posts as these. May each of us not only be wise in the tools our Lord has provided, but to remember that its not the stuff that saves, but Jesus.

    I look forward getting to know many of you, learn from you and I pray I can share my tips as well. Trying not to be overwhelmed by preparation.

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