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    Hi, I am from an urban environment so my prepping will be a little bit different that most individuals on this particular forum. I have a few cache piles located around my place and continuing to gather more when the need arises. Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful forum.




    First timer on the APN, long timer in general self reliance. Grew up in the mountians of Colorado, camping. hunting, etc.
    Just looking for like minded persons to share info and advice.

    Hope to spend many hours learning and comminucating with interesting people.



    welcome new members!


    Just moved to New Hampshire , looking to meet some like minded people . Any help would be appreciated .


    Hi, I am Chuck and i am looking for a prepper group to join in southern Mississippi. I can be reached at


    Experienced survivalist in eastern Tennessee, Paramedic, HAM, and former Marine. 73 and stay safe.


    Hello all.


    Hello fellow patriots/preppers. We have been looking for people in the Cass County, Michigan community.


    Welcome to all of you new members! For finding people in your area/state, check out the forum for your individual states.


    Hi, I’m Kramer. I’ve always had an interest, just didn’t always have to extra to spend. Working my way from the ground up at this point.


    Hey y’all,
    I’m from the great state of North Carolina. Franklin county to be exact. Sorry, but that’s as far down on the google map as it gets. I reckon you could say me and the wife are new to this prepping, although we have been storing up food and ammo for about 1-2 years. Canned goods mostly. We have both been feeling a bit of urgency lately though. I hope to learn as much as possible from y’all (just looking at a few posts, I already have), so please excuse any “dumb” questions that we may have. Thanks for this site. It’s nice to know there’s alot of other “crazy loons” out there.


    Wow .. I miss several days and just LOOK at all the new peeps — cool..!! Welcome everyone and so glad you found us! 🙂 As Ice said above .. if you haven’t already, pop over to your state forum and introduce yourself there too esp if you’d like to try to meet some locals. State listing at viewforum.php?f=36

    And for anyone not sure where to start .. check out “how to start prepping (the basics)” subforum at viewforum.php?f=616 .. and if you have trouble finding something or need help, just ask! itsa p.s. Justmeandher .. welcome to the crazy loon club! 😀


    Hello-I’m a newb from California. I think I’ve finally got my family on board. We are starting small, but we have to start some where….right? Anyway-howdy.


    @Im An Upstart wrote:

    Hello-I’m a newb from California. I think I’ve finally got my family on board. We are starting small, but we have to start some where….right? Anyway-howdy.

    Welcome aboard.

    Don’t worry we all started small. If you’d like a good primer on where to start check out this forum –


    Thanks Hiker. Like I said, it will be easier now that the Wife is on board. I think most folks used to consider anybody with a ” survival” mentality a nutjob, but I think more and more “normal” folks are seeing the need to be responsible for their safety in the event of some sort of catastrophic event. We’re starting with our bugout bags and working bigger/longer-more long-term. I was glad to see posts on foraging and medical care.

Viewing 15 posts - 901 through 915 (of 1,282 total)
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