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    Welcome aboard widowhprepperJesus

    Just a word of caution – you should really consider NOT placing your email out there for everyone to see, someone could get hold of it and cause you a lot of trouble. I would suggest just asking someone to send you a private message.


    Thanks but I just discovered I gave the wrong email address anyway! No worries. Yes, if you’d like to pm, please do! Thanks Hiker72!


    Hello everyone I am new to this site and a Bloger Virgin ( LOL ) this if the first blog site i haver ever joined guess i gota learn this stuff sometime. My name is Richard I live in northern Baltimore County Maryland . I have been slowly working on my stockpile and prepping for a couple years now and i feel it is time to get to know more people that share my intrest


    I’m md1911 new to this sight and from Missouri. Looking for friends amd added information


    hello folks, im retired from the fire department and have farmed a lot over the years. we do a lot of canning and drying of food. i think we are going to statr prepping. i have a couple of hillbilly tips for you folks that may be most helpful. thanks


    Excited to find so many fellow preppers out there!! :clap:


    Hello to all! Novice prepper here from Virginia. I grew up learning self-sufficiency skills from my depression era grandparents (raising livestock, tending numerous large gardens, canning food and using those great old manual kitchen tools. Many of those skills I have lost or forgotten, so I’m looking forward to remembering and relearning old skills and learning many more new ones in order to become much more self-sufficient and be prepared (that great old scout motto) for anything. Also looking to network with other local preppers. I’ll be posting on my local state board as well. Thank you to all.


    Hello, just moved to South Carolina and we are starting over on our Preps.


    Hello All,
    My name is Mry im coming straight out of the muddy Mississippi!


    Hi everyone.

    We are a large family in southeast Missouri. I hope to meet other people in our area interested in being prepared for whatever disaster may strike. I would like to find people to share ideas with as well as people to trade goods with to keep stock rotated. We live in a small town and face the challenges of not being in the country on a farm any longer. Contact me by email if your interested.


    Welcome new members!


    Hello all,

    TZASO pronounced “Say So” here. I am part of a local group in Phoenix, AZ. Glad to be here. Look forward to learning more.


    Just found this site. From central Louisiana, been prepping for about a year now I guess. Glad to see birds of the same feather.


    welcome to all the new members! i have been very very busy the last month or two, sorry for my lack of presence on the boards.

    :clap: Ill make more time to do my duty! :clap:


    Hello all,

    Like too many people, I am just starting off with trying to get prepared for whatever might come to be. We live in a condo so security is questionable as well as storage. Being self sufficient is limited to the fact that we can only grow a very small amount of food at any given time, and that isn’t enough to even try to preserve. Our neighbors don’t prep, or even seem to be aware of a need to try to do so, so there is no ability to try to rely on any of them for any reason. We also have limited resources as far as bug-out destinations. Any help would be welcome as to ideas to make our situation a little more secure.

Viewing 15 posts - 931 through 945 (of 1,282 total)
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