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    I am a new prepper on Long Island, NY. I’ve planned a bugout location in upstate NY (if I can get off L.I. when the @#$% hits the fan).

    I am interested in reaching out to liked minded folks new to prepping.



    I posted yesterday that I was new…and need help. Nothing. I have been doing extensive research, and I thought I could get some help. I am in NE Georgia, and am a serious prepper. Did not know that a community like this existed. I have been doing what I thought was right by my own +book research. Just discovered the internet realm. Thank you all, and if there is a person near me I would appreciate feedback. Thank You.


    Hello, I was from upstate NY, grew up their. What area are you considering?


    hello just staring in preping i’m in way lower alabama on the eastern side
    thank you for leting me be and any help would be thank you


    Hello. Not sure if this is the right place for brand-new registrants to introduce themselves.
    I’m from Fresno, CA, but family has had, now parents have home at neaby Bass Lake, 1hr N of Fresno, in Sierra NF, @3500ft. Lived up here, camping, backpacking, hiking as much as Fresno. My outdoor (mountain/alpine survival skills are excellent.) just moved back fro Groundzero, San Mateo Cnty in Bay Area, if any unrest or worse yet, a nuclear strike, the Bay Area would be hit by 30-100 low- to medium-yield kiloton devices, in the 10Kt range and we just lived, girlfriend still there, planning on moving here soon, 4 airmiles from a primary-target, SFO, 10 airmiles from NASA/Moffett field, 10 airmiles from Stanford, and just 3 from N edge of Silicon Valley, a very target-rich place.
    I have a friend dying of cancer, ironically, he was the best-prepared prepper, 1ton of ammo alone. Well, I am filling in at his insurance office in nearby Oakhurst, just 15 min’s from my folds well-situated home. We have a bedroom, mine, in garage that’s already pretty-well shielded from fallout, without any special prep. I’ve been stacking lots of dry-goods, bottled water, ammo, batteries, bleach, ammonia, also my extensive personal library around the inner, windowless bedchamber (10X12ft) that has a reg. Sheetrock/fiberglass insulation/stucco wall (about 6″ thick) separating in from bathroom. There’s about 6′ of open space between bedchamber wall and bathroom’s inner-exterior wall. One small 1X1ft window. My strategy is to put dense objects into shelving against bathroom/bedchamber wall on bathroom side. Thus I have a cool, dry place, it’s partially underground so temp remains cool during hot summer, never use shower. Also dark. Above is main floor with high-beam ceiling, 20ft of air space and thick gabled roof. Have plan to place heave furniture, appliances, mattresses on kitchen-floor directly above already well-protected bedchamber-ceiling. The last wall of bedchamber has 8 ft air-space between it and aluminum garage-door, but we have tons of cinderblock, scrapwood, dirt, boards to create radiation-shield. I have to do this all w/o my parents’s or fiancée’s full knowledge. Not as hard as it sounds. Dad is old, not a handyman type at all.
    My biggest problem is that my dad has an MA in poly sci, was on Fresno City council from 1973-89, last 4 years as mayor, he is not only in denial, he screams at me, berates me, sometimes admitting we now have a dictatorship, but saying moronic things like “what the fuck do I care, I’m 76, too old and weak to fight?” True. But, other times he says I am obsessive, yeah, fucking right about the NDAA. Mom is sympathetic, but wimpy. Fiancée,from Sweden, but lived in socialistic Bay Area is clueless. One day she’s helping me shop


    Hello new to the forum. I’m located in NW Georgia. So far I have recruited 2 other families as part of our plan which includes a practicing physician in the group. Glad to see a forum on this topic. Looking forward to posting and reading.


    Hey all, I am a disabled vet new to this game but looking to do some real stuff here local in Wa. to be prepped to take care of my family. Have done some stuff but dont have much $$$ so I am using a bunch of my own “old hick” ideas and looking to learn fom those who have been there. I am pretty inventive and have built a lot of new things from tools to weapon and aircraft designs to survalence toys. I need or like something but nobody has built one or what is out there cost too much so I build it. If you need something holler at me and I will do my best to help. We wish you all Peace, love, long happy healthy life.


    Sorry, got interrupted. Since I have a blog that started out as a linguistic/philology/anthropology/history blog on the westernmost subfamily of the huge linguistic-phylum, Indo-European [IE] (or the out-dated, “Aryan”; “Aryan” strictly speaking is/means the Iranian group; only the Indo-Aryan, now called Indo-Iranian subgroup of IE. Iranians are non-semitic, their language is utterly unrelated to Arabic & their culture was IE until Islam conquered c. 700AD. All the Iranian-speaking peoples before 500BC were long-headed, fair-complected, with light-brown, red to blond hair and the majority were light-eyed, I.e., they were racially Nordic, as were all original early Indo-Europeans, but only remained racially less-mixed when they moved from Central Asia/Black Sea to the still very depopulated north and northwest of Europe, still suffering the I’ll-effects, cold, damp, little far able land due to the soil having been removed from the recently melted Ice-Age glaciers.So, certain subtribes left the proto-home north of the BlackSea, these already blond peoples found non-Aryan-speaking (we have utterly no clue what or how many tongues these non-Aryan, really pre-Aryan, spoke, this was 3000-2000 BC, long before writing up there. The people’s they met were similarly blondish whites, but huskier with rounder heads, but they obviously amalgamated, lost their tongues and eventually forgot their origins as they were incorporated into these western late proto-Indo-Europeans, who are the ancestors who brought in our language, as well as other Germanic tongues, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, Gothic, Vandalic, Lombardic, Swedish, German, Scots, Dutch, Danish, Icelandic, etc. They were also the speech-bearers & ancestors to the racially very similarCelts, Who c. 300BC weld sway of most of Europe north of the Alps, from The British Isles Gaul (France, parts of Spain/Portugal, thru central/ southern modern day Germany, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia and even had a far-flung colony in modern-day Turkey, called “Galatia” (there’s an entire New Testament book named after them, but never in one unified kingdom. Eventually, the fiercer Aryan cousins, the Germanics pushed them south, where they had to become Romans, or west into the sea. That’s why only in the British Isles, there are still Celtic-speaking peoples, on the western fringes, the east having been conquered, again by Scando-Germanics. All of Ireland is mostly Gaelic-Celtic, only the west & highlands of Scotland are Gaelic, from Ireland, the Lowlands and far north, Shetland, etc., are Germanic, in southern Scotland Anglo-Saxons, in the north, Germanic Vikings from Norway & Iceland. Wales is very Celtic and 500K people speak Welsh as a mothertongue. While the Celtic languages are related to English & our Germanic-speaking siblings, Gaelic, Welsh (there were 100s of ancient Celtic tongues, now dead) are so different from English, Swedish or German. from these Swedish-looking Aryans had wandered 1500 miles (a depigmented branch of the long-headed darker-white race called “Mediterranean” (Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penelope Cruz) prehistoric (proto-languages), ancient, (recorded/attested, medieval & modern Germanic/Teutonic. Well the blog got political, very anti Neocon/Zionists, critical of Bush/Obama. I had been (within the bounds of the law) been criticizing the NWO, how the US gov has so many dual Israeli/US citizens in such high government office how the US was willing to sacrifice everything for Israel..They know who I am.
    The problem I have is my folks think I am either insane, even though they’ve seen judge Napolitano and others on the con rolled media say, “the USA is dead as a constitutional republic, we have a full-blown dictatorship”. My dad is rude, cannot even discuss it, mom is better but afraid her hothead “baby” is gonna become GI Joe, my fiancée is in denial, but sometimes agrees. My Israel-first, Neocon, Judeo-Christian, Christian-Zuonists sister, 2sets of aunts and uncles are looking forward to the Second Coming. One uncle screamed at me and said the NDAA was good to protect us from all the evil Muslims…and he is a Stanford grad. I hate my family, fucking cowards, traitors to our Nation and the CONSTITUTION. None of my friends care. The only guy who is a prepper is dying of cancer. I know there must be some up here. You can see who I am on Facebook “Kenneth Stephen Doig” and my seriously, top-rated blog, live at Bass Lake, work is nearby Oakhurst. We are one hr N of Fresno. My email is, cell# (it’s a bay area #, just moved back) 650-817-5047


    There’s a lot of great information here! I’ve been meagerly prepping for a couple of years now. I have mainly concentrated on defensive items and water collection and storage. I’m looking for like minded people in the middle Georgia area for prep guidance. Thank you and stay safe.


    glad to be accepted into this forum and just browsing for the time being looking for like minded people. i am in lindsay ca right now however plan to move north to the northest wa id area’s for was raised in the mountains of those area’s. have been building underground housing for some time now but due to my situation i look to start all over of north american native descent and skills consist of the trades industry from oil rigging running heavy equip truck driving etc etc. also the underground housing i’m looking to recreate that i lived in before is pit housing my ancestors once lived in, but with a twist, my last pit house i created was 3 stories underground and as far as what is on the internet and smithsonian is not the true way’s of building pit housing for the more presure and weight put on the true housing the stronger they become. i lived in a 2500 sqft split level pit house that never used nails and was attached to about a 200 sqft rootcellar. now just looking for finatual suport to build again. as well my creations, security will not be as a issue as most underground housing i have seen on preppers shows i see on tv. again like i stated before looking for like minded people as well finantual support to build again…the housing that i built before only cost me around 20,000 however more then likely the additional idea’s i have now i am looking to around probably 40 to 50 000. and most housing will be around 2500 sqft. with possible like minded housing attached to one another. with security still pretty basic. those intrested in my idea’s and want to work together hope to hear from someone soon….if not thanks neverthe less for the invite and i will drop in every now and again……


    Glad to be apart of the internet prepper community. I am also a Disabled Veteran trying to do what I can with my disability money. I am from Denver Colorado and would love to meet people around the area as well as other preppers world wide to network with because I believe if it hits the fan and we have seen the end of what we know right now then the ones who have networked can rebuild better then the flawed system we see now.

    Bubba J

    @ Wodenaz: First, welcome to APN. Second, in order to keep the automated bots (or just spammers in general) from getting your phone number, try to use words instead of numbers, i.e., six five zero. Either that or put it in your profile. It’s just safer that way in this day and age.

    On another note, IMHO, there are way too many ‘F***bombs’ in those 2 posts. APN also has members and visitors who are under 18.


    Hi crash here i have been prepping off and on for about 3 years and now getting in full time, i live in Redmond, WA and i am looking for others in my area..


    Hello, My name is Carey/nyghtskies and my husband and I live in Missouri in the Jefferson City area. We are new to prepping full time but I have prepped in a small way since 1983. I am interested in hearing from folks in my area.


    HI, I am from Tollhouse, California I am starting to learn how to be prepared but I am having trouble convincing my husband. We already live on 5 acres and I suggested we have a get together with our neighbors (4). He didn’t say anything and later said that he has his gun and no body will bother us. I don’t think he gets the scope or the size of what could happen. Got any suggestions out there? or anyone from the Central Valley of California? thanks terry 🙂

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