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    Jennifer Kentucky


    Hello everyone. My husband and I are just starting out with prepping. So much information out there – some contradict what seems to be good advice – so we get lost in the confusion. We are older so finding quality information is key to our sanity. lol My hope is to get some good information so we can move forward. So happy to have found this site. Thank you for the work you put into it. ~ BFrank

    Illini Warrior

    probably the best thing a newbie can do is recognize there’s a whole lot of BS and misinformation and misdirection involved in the prepping world ….

    especially >>>> dealing with the blogs and their authors

    their “research” many times is just paragraph re-arranging of other blog author’s erroneous prepping publishing >>>> it’s a round & a round circle …

    what’s involved is dangerous – can get you & yours seriously injured, ill and even dead >>>>> possibly even worse is a prepping mistake will give you confidence that you have adequately prepped supplies – only to find out in an emergency you have zip ….


    BFrank, Jennifer and others,

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of people here who are years into prepping and can give you sound experience and reasoning for their advice.

    Even though some of the information on this forum is years old, it still applies. Choose a topic that interests you and go read up on it.

    If you hit the “recent activity” button, you’ll see what we’re all talking about, too. Feel free to join in. As we get to know you, when you ask questions, people will respond to you.

    Isabella Morgan

    My name is Isabella and I am the latest addition to this community. See you all around!

    Marysmith bobby

    Thank you so mucn

    Marysmith bobby

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Marysmith bobby

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joseph Pyles

    Hi. I am a new member.


    Hello everyone! Guess I’ll start off in here. I was actually a member of the old forums years ago. I quit showing up – I lived with my parents and couldn’t do much at all without getting the side eye – but kept reading off and on. The basics never really left the back of my head…well now I’m married (my husband is on board as long as I don’t get “too crazy”); we live in our own house on the edge of the suburbs with a teeny tiny bit of land and are actively working towards moving a little further out for more land and privacy; we also have a toddler boy who is, in the end, the reason I came back. Thinking about his future is rather disconcerting and I’m hoping to give him the greatest possible base I can no matter what happens.


    Welcome back! You’ve got a great motivation for prepping there…your little one.


    Way back in 2010, there was a conversation about eating out of dented cans. Going all the way back to the mid-fifties when I was a kid, we at a lot of food from dented cans. My mother, a single woman back when it was hard to do, found several places where she could buy dented can goods at deeply discounted prices. It was a staple for us.

    The common knowledge was, dents were fine, bulges will kill you. Also, avoid cans with rust. A little rust might be okay to take a chance on in a total SHTF situation, but if it’s just to save a few cents or even a buck, best not do it.


    Bulging cans indicate something seriously wrong and I won’t even consider opening such a can….

    But dented cans are usually safe enough if they are fresh. That said, I won’t buy any dented cans for my pantry and if I accidentally dent a can then it goes into my kitchen for use ASAP. The issue with dents is that you don’t know if it has broken the liner which would greatly reduce how long the can will stay safe. Undented cans will last a LONG time past the printed expiration dates (I’m still eating soup cans dated 2014 with no ill effect), but with dents you can’t be sure if it will be safe even up to the printed date, let alone years later.

    So yeah, if you’re trying to scrimp, buying deeply discounted dented cans for this week’s groceries is pretty safe. Buying dented cans for for your emergency supplies is taking a risk….

    Illini Warrior

    with the new pull tab cans I wouldn’t touch a dented can – that top lid section is sooo damn flimsy that a side dent could eazily compromise the contents …

    another danger to look out for is rust on the can end that you’ll be opening – hard not to get some of that contaminate into the food – if storing for a few years good idea to spray the can lid(s) with veggie oil like Pam and then pack in a cardboard flat inverted – I have poly stretch wrap that I use to encase anything like that going into storage – make sure to have the can labels turned out and mark the storage “in” date …

    Cindy Kate

    Hello everyone. I am a new member here. This forum does not seem like it is the most active of the lot. Anyway, I think the forum still looks nice and might be of some help to me in some way. Observing things here initially before I start active participation. Have a good day all!

Viewing 15 posts - 1,246 through 1,260 (of 1,282 total)
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