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    Hi I’m a newbie here, but been prepping for some time, and realized being part of a group with like minded individuals helps us all to survive and be successful. I’m really looking forward to building on my current knowledge with experienced preppers. I am welcome to any suggestions, tips and tricks. Chaos, doom, gloom, panic, fear, terror, insanity going on in the United States right now is through the roof and, I believe, a collapse is imminent. Nice to meet you all and I’m excited.


    Greetings, new user here. 45 year old white male who happens to be deaf. But it didn’t happen until later in life so I know how to speak clearly and all.

    So I was wondering. With the current events and everything. Because I have no way to “bug out”

    Would someone in gods country be willing to team up in a survival situation? For example if we agreed to team up in the event of a bug out, what could I offer you?

    I’m in excellent physical condition for 45, non smoker and rarely drink. I can share my long guns and short guns and ammo stockpile with you. I can provide physical labor. I can help out with security. I’m sure you’ll agree a man who likes to work hard and can work hard is a valuable man. Plus I can bring my own bible if you have bible studies.

    So that’s my idea. What does anyone else think?

    The reason I ask is I live on Fairfax county VA and even though this is a big military area there’s not much you can do for yourself once the water and power gets cut. A smart man would have a back up plan to bug out in a SHTF scenario.

    I got chased off for the same message I am posting above, so here’s hoping you all are a lot nicer.

    Luis Braxton

    Hi there I am luis, I have not yet formally introduces myself in the forum,
    I am in to lot of weapons epically AR-15, my hobby is hunting and target shooting, I am working in AR-15 Gun builders, and i am very much interested writing too, looking forward for connecting

    Grey Man TX

    Greetings from north Texas…

    I have been on an number of prepper/survival sites under different pseudonyms. Changing due to OpSec considerations. I feel more comfortable now and will stick with this one; Grey Man TX. Its mostly due to having addressed my online security issues and I now feel more comfortable with my ability to remain anonymous.

    Preparedness has been a concern of mine for many years. It started when I was in the military and I have continued to add to my base of knowledge and skill sets ever since; 30+ years.

    I am looking to connect with a few key people in order to exchange ideas and possibly set up a local support network.

    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.
    Theodore Roosevelt


    Just dropping by to say hi and introduce myself. I’m a veteran of the US Navy and then on to Army 1st SOCOM as a Psyop Specialist. After my tour in the Army I served 25 years in law enforcement and retired in 2017 and have been working private security since then. I have been doing some prepping for the last couple years and look forward to learning all I can from such a group of like minded people.


    Hello. I’m new to the group, but not to the practice of being prepared. I look forward to gaining knowledge and insight from everyone. And I am anxious to hear from those in my area, especially. Thanks everyone.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1,276 through 1,282 (of 1,282 total)
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