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    I am new to prepping in fact, I am starting this very week, so I am as green as it gets on this topic, but I am diligently trying to collect information while at the same time trying to avoid any sites that promote “quackery” in prepping.

    Just a little about me, My name is David, but I also go by Dave. I am from SW Missouri (the Ozarks) and I love the outdoors. I also love birdwatching, camping, hiking, fishing and related activities. I don’t get to do those things on a regular basis, but I love them when I get the chance. My most recent camping trip was the Smoky Mountains (2004). I love Southern Gospel music, bluegrass and have what I am told, borders on an unhealthy obsession with BBQ.

    I joined here because I really need people to talk to about prepping and survival, as everyone where I live thinks this is crazy and extreme. I have been watching how things are going in the world, economically, and I am keeping a close eye on Islamic terror. My city is slated as one of 180 cities, in which the Fed. Gov. wants to house these so-called “refugees” from the middle east. My city is not a large city and if terrorists did here what they did in Paris, it would be even more devastating. We have a mosque in my city and I have seen far more Muslims dressed in their middle eastern garb in recent months than ever before. My “spidey sense” is sensing danger on the horizon. I think we are in a lot of trouble on more than one front and I refuse to be a hapless, helpless victim of circumstance. Time to take my destiny into my own hands. I am a Bible-believing Christian. I trust the Lord Jesus Christ; He is my God and Savior. I also have commonsense and know that I can trust Him to help me make the right decisions as I seek to protect my future and my life.

    I am glad to meet you guys and I have a ton of questions I will be posting on the forum as I start this week building my emergency resources, as well as hardening my home and personal defense capabilities.

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