New Prepper Skills Group Meetup in Southern Maine

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    New England Preppers:

    A new Prepper Meetup group has been started in Portland, Maine: The Prepper Skills Group.

    From the Meetup page (

    Our belief is that it takes a community to be resilient, and individuals within this group should attend with the mindset of bringing their skills and experience back to their families and communities in times of crisis.

    Premise: Anyone can buy gear and supplies. However, do you actually know how to use them?

    The groups focus will solely be on learning and practicing Prepper skills.

    Possible Skills include:

    Land Navigation
    Water filtering/purifying –
    Bug Out Vehicle (supplies and techniques)
    Communications -Alternative Energy
    Others as appropriate
    *Note: Firearms & First Aid will not be included

    This group is politically and religiously agnostic; all political and religious discussions should be conducted outside of the meetup.

    This is about Learning new skills that you may be called upon to use during an emergency. We hold classes on a Monthly schedule as well as special events. It’s a great time to meet other Preppers. All our members have different skills and knowledge. It’s very laid back and we like to keep it fun. Questions are encouraged.

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