New "Prepping" Adventure for Cub Scouts

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    Moderators – I didn’t see a sub-topic better suited, so I’m posting this here. If one exists feel free to move it!

    I homeschool my kids, and my kids are involved with Cub Scouts and American Heritage Girls (A Christian version of the Girl Scouts).

    Back in June the Cub Scouts overhauled the program. The Webelos (4-5 grade boys) now have an adventure they can work on called “Castaway”, which includes several “prepping” items, geared for boys. I think it’s an excellent way to introduce kids to self reliance.

    Last night my wife brought home the new supplement to the AHG handbook, which now includes a Survival, Search & Rescue badge. It includes things like teaching the girls how to use a compass, what to include in a “go-pack”, building outdoor shelters, purifying water, etc.

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