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    My name Is Mike, and well, I’m new to all this. I mean I have seen a few youtube videos and all that but I havnt pushed myself to go from intrigue to full blown life style. I am trying to change that now. This not only is something I believe in whole heartedly but it’s also a way for me to meet like minded people, make contacts and friends and hopefully learn alot along the way. I’m currently a 32 year old truck driver, living an unhealthy life style. I have just recently transition to a more active trucking Job (less sedimentary) down in South Texas in the oil industry. I am working on losing weight and getting healthy and making better choices over all.I wont like to you I’m a big dude. I’m changing that as we speak working hard to change my life. This prepper mindset has been great motivation in this process. I only have one issue, I do not know a single person in my life that has that drive. Most people act like the word prepper is a swear word and give the topic a wide berth when in reality it’s just being prepared which seems like common sense to me.

    Well I’m jumping around a bit but a little about me. I am from Northeast Ohio that’s where most of my family and friends are. I just moved to South Texas in October of 2019 to pursue a better paying and more physically active job. I am interested in self reliance, and being prepared. I love the Survivalist aspect, the whole mindset. I really want to make friends in this and really move my life in the right directions. I didn’t really plan on joining any websites or forums at this exact moment so this was kind of off the cuff. (That’s why its probably not the best introduction post because it wasnt thought out in advance lol) looking forward to meeting people. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you made it this far.



    Hi Mike and welcome.
    It sounds like you’ve got the right mindset and reaching out to the “Prepper Community” is a good idea. It’ll take a bit of navigating though. The core values, the values that you seem to aspire to, are definitely something to develop and build on. Regrettably, the term “Prepper“, has come to imply different things to different people. It ranges from hardcore militia/survivalists to government and community sponsored relief volunteers.
    Under the previous administration, preppers were defined as potential domestic terrorists and denigrated by media, politicians and some law enforcement. A number of people haven’t let go of that bias. Now, if you go to the FEMA disaster response websites, you’ll read strong recommendations to prepare materially, medically and financially for the advent of local disaster. The word still holds a stigma, but the practical strengths of the mindset have been engaged and embraced by a variety of institutions, organizations and programs. If you’re prepping solo or with a few friends, you could be viewed as a fringe wacko and even a threat by some. If you join a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), you’re viewed as a conscientious resource to your neighbors and community.
    There are biases on both sides of the fence. I know some more reclusive preppers that view the FEMA and CERT organizations as some sinister arm of the evil empire and their volunteers as brainwashed drones. Don’t allow such biases to dissuade or hamper any pursuit that motivates you. There’s no question that there are many seasoned homesteaders and off-grid dwellers that hold a great deal of valuable information and insight. At the same time, the rubber hits the road with accurate knowledge, proven skills and hands-on training (particularly free training). For that, groups like CERT are a tremendous resource through which to build a high level of skill and self-reliance while becoming a recognized and respected asset to others.
    Many might say that you can’t straddle the fence. I would say that straddling the fence makes you the most prepared and best rounded individual you can achieve. There are truly great people that subscribe to each discipline. And, a large percentage that drink from both cups… home preppers and emergency responders. Welcome to the world of Prepping.


    Thanks for the welcome Rosco its nice to meet ya. Thanks for the advice its much appreciated as there seems to be a lot of information out there to try and digest its nice to have a direction to take a look at. Yeah I definitely do not want to be looked at as a crazy person, its sad that there is a stigma around the whole thing I wish more people can see the common sense and practicality of it all. Not to mention the idea of being hands on and learning new skills in an age where everyone seems to be glued to chairs and screens (i see the irony as I type this on a screen lol).

    I also think this can give me the opportunity to get to possibly connect more with my little brother (im 32 and he is 17 big age gap). Maybe we can check our CERT to dip our toes into this lifestyle. Im going to do some research on it. I know once we are deeper into it, camping trips will definitely help us bond more. Hes obsessed with the memory of our mother, she passed away when he was five so he was raised by me and my sisters but he is consumed with anything that can make him feel closer to her, and one thing my mom loved more than anything was camping and outdoors, my sisters and I spent many nights out in the woods camping with her, and my little brother never got to experience that but I know its something he is really interested in do very much. So that would be a great segway and Ill have a partner in my preparedness. Win/Win.

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