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    New to the forum 🙂 Already posted an introduction so I will just quote my post here:

    @Emptynest wrote:

    Hi y’all. Have been reading the forum for a week or so, and really like what I have seen. We are from the country, so what y’all call “prepping”, we just call a way of life. However, I am wanting to take it to the next level, since we have moved out of our element. Hubby had to take a forced job transfer, which plopped us right in the city. Needless to say our whole way of life is different here, and we are both totally uncomfortable. Culture shock amongst so many other things. Even our pets are a nervous wreck. Anyway, I have had this nagging to make bags to get back home to our families (straight across the state). I would NEVER want to chance trying to stay here if a bad situation came up. I have been steadily working on our packs, and also packs for our vehicles. Would really like to network with some folks as well. Bigger numbers is always a plus. If we were back home, we would just hunker down. Being here however, that is just not an option. My hubby is a Marine (though not active– but once a Marine, always a Marine 😉 ), we hunt/fish, spent a lot of time outdoors camping/hiking, and gardening. I put up my own foods (not since we have been here though- no garden space) We are very self reliant, at least we were. I still keep my house stocked and freezer full, but since we are renting, we do not have the land for the massive gardens we once had. I did bring some asparagus, blueberries and other berries, oh and garlic and chives, as well as a few small fruit trees. Everything is still in the pots we transferred them in. Things have just been weird since we have been here and we really feel like we are in the twilight zone. We do not know anyone. (except a few folks my hubby works with), so we are strangers in a strange area.

    Money is tight. To buy a BOL is not an option for us. We will head back to one of our childrens back home where we are from. We have 3 dogs. 2 have a pack (just got those), and the one is just to small for a pack. We have 2 vehicles. I have a Dodge ram 4×4, and my hubby an suv.

    I am still waiting on our Alice-packs to arrive, but have everything so far finished, except for a few items. I have water purification, but am still trying to figure the best water purifier. I am really phobic wen it comes to water purification, especially after seeing all the stuff folks dump in the water here 😯 , also need to get potassium iodide for the packs yet, and some small items that if we don’t get, won’t be a big deal. My hubby is impressed with what I have put together. Half of it we already had because we do spend a lot of time outdoors, but the rest is mainly common sense. Living in the country, you get creative and use what you have on hand and always improvise, so that is what I did. I will post a thread on the contents of our packs, when I finally get them (been waiting 3 weeks so far). I wrote all the lists out the other night when I took inventory and was like 😮 BUT I am including everything in BOTH packs. I looked at the lists and thought ohhhhhhhhhh no, hahaha I forgot I was gathering for 2 packs :whistling:

    I look forward to y’alls fellowship!!

    We are in Missouri and looking to find like minded folks. If the SHTF, we need to get back to the other side of the state, as we have kids and granbabies that would need our assistance. We have one route set out, but we are going to add a couple of others, as well as foot routes (just in case we would have to hoof it) I like redundancy, it keeps my butt covered 😉 Already spoke with my daughter to let her know this was our plan, so she is on board.

    We are planning to camp/hike with our packs this April. I have hiked many times before, but that was also years ago, and I am getting a different pack, so I want to make sure the fit is comfortable vs my other backpack. We camp all the time, but I want to use my pack gear for cooking and things vs all of our camping supplies, to get a good feel for it. We will be taking the dogs as well, so they can give their packs a good work out. I have been putting the packs on them for an hour or so daily to get them used to it. Moses is a 5 month old Lab and he weighs 70 lbs, and of course thinks it is a toy on his back, but his pack has 2-2 liter water bladders as well as BIG pouches, Copper is a standard Cocker Spaniel, and his pack is a 2 liter water bladder only, as he is 10 yrs old and very testy concerning things on his back. But I figured he could at least carry his own water. Abby can either be carried (she is a toy Brussels Griffon), or she can ride in her stroller. (yes she has a stroller :rofl: ) Her stroller could actually come in quite handy if we had to hoof it.

    We are hoping to buy a couple of bikes this summer. Our daughter has a 2 seated baby bike stroller that she is going to give to us, because the babies are terrified to ride in it. She thought that would be great for us to pull some supplies along behind us in. It is actually big enough to hold everything we would take and still have extra room in. Pretty neat addition to our supply inventory!!

    I look forward to being a part of this network and getting to know y’all.

    BTW, I am into horticulture, and worked at a greenhouse for 8 years, so I hope I can be of assistance in some way.

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