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    So far I have a good amount of food that is non perishable or lasts a long time also honey as a natural disinfectant/anti-biotic. Plenty of salt and disinfectants like hydroxygen peroxide,bleach,etc.. Plenty of grains (rice/wheat/flour) Lots and lots of medical supply’s. Lots of protein bars/powder. Plastic bags, latex gloves, Lots of anti bionics like creams,ect. Lots of anti swelling and bandaid’s/Large bandaids/turnakits/fishing rods with synthetic bait/ lots of vitamins/ Non illegal pain killers (I.E. Kratom and kratom extract’s). Lots of different high carb/protein meals easily made. So far not a lot a lot of water. But that will and is building. So far I only have 1 firearm with 3 magazine’s and maybe 150-200 rounds of ammo. I need to get a new either AK/AR or some kind of defensive/offensive rifle along with a hunting rifle and a pellet rifle for small game like squirrel’s/birds/ect. I live in a heavily populated area (Central florida) but in a very nice upscale low crime area. Does anyone have any other suggestions? My family is very blind and sheep like so I have moved back in to take care of them as I feel something is gonna happen within the next year. I’ve been training with firearms for year’s just currently not stocked on money. I also have lots of barter items like alcohol,soap,shampoo,etc (Items that are liked but are non essential). I have lots and lots of empty liters but the flint on it is good enough for sparks. Lots of protein bar’s and powder and back to barter items I have lots of items I don’t need and isn’t essential to live but is a luxury thats un-needed and will be good to trade. I have also been slowly buying bitcoin’s and slowly saving it. As of today its like 475//btc I bought 3000 worth when it was only 200. Oh I also have a baofeng not the cheap cheap one ham radio with a long antenna and several flashlight’s.

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