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    Well my friends it’s been a long time since I posted on this forum. I hope you will forgive my absence. I was diagnosed a year ago with a rather virulent tumour on oy larynx. My regular physician responded to two years of my complaints and inquiry with antibiotics and steroids sending me home with something new and a pat on the head for over two years while this demon grew inside of me. I finally got tired of his BS and went to see an old line retired navy doctor here at my local rural clinic. Doc spent 15 minutes with me and said
    “You’re going to Rochester and seeing my ENT guy NOW! I want you on the way in five minutes. I’ll be calling the Mayo Clinic and setting up a visit to the Emergency Department for you in the meantime.” Go NOW!”

    A retired navy doctor is not someone to argue with. I went and spent the next eleven months in and out of the Mayo Clinic while I argued the doctors there not letting them cut out my voice box. Radiation sucks and chemotherapy almost killed me all by itself. I spent a week in hospital while they kept trying to kill me. I lost around 100 pounds and can testify that cancer is a very lousy way to loose weight. I’m om the mend and against my doctors predictions of my death show no residual signs of cancer other than the destruction of about half my teeth. I’m waiting on Mayo opening back up to start the $15,000.00 replacement of my teeth with a bionic set of choppers. I’m trying to get them to install honest to goodness fangs and get me bright red contact lenses. I figure it will be a good look to attract women. My wife disagrees.

    Which brings me to the WooHoo Floooo or COVID19 the one you get from Mexican Beer or chow mein and crab rangoons. This is the real nasty stuff and helps me slide into the preparedness part of my tale.

    This stuff sounds like the beginning of every apocalyptic prepper story I ever read. I’ve been keeping an eye on things locally and can tell you that things are going per script almost to the letter. I’ve had a dozen calls looking to apologize, ask my advice or ask for a hand out.
    Local supply has slowly been eroded. We’re to the point where there’s no flour, sugar, salt, canned vegetables, dried meat, cooking oil or other staples. Milk eggs and other dairy are limited in quantity when they are available. The boys doing the stock work tell me it’s getting even more grim as the warehouses are running low and resupply is questionable. Pretty much everything is in lock down mode.
    I have it on very good authority that a shelter in place (mandatory( order will be issued within 24 hours.

    The martial law order will be issued according to my reckoning sometime in the next 30 days with fuel both vehicle and heating becoming unreliable as to supply and finally drying up within 60 days. Full societal break down in 90 days is my guess.
    The yellow boots marching on American soil is I believe the end game. They will show up to “help restore order” as a “humanitarian assistance program”
    We will start killing them at once.
    This is what we’ve so many of us seen coming for years. Let’s see how accurate I am on this. It is my sincere hope that I will be shown to be a total fool for these predictions but I fear not.
    G=d Save the Republic!!!!
    Regards to all and the assurance of my prayers
    Drakenstead (aka Torgils Foul Beard)
    Tucked in on the prairie of south eastern Minnesota waiting out the apocalypse.

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