No Certain Destiny

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    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is only a result of happenstance and in no way is real or true. The events depicted here are the products of the author’s imagination and meant purely for entertainment purposes

    The Pioneer Reporter 1/15/2016
    Books in Review
    “No Certain Destiny” By Karl Gustav Olavson
    Armenius Press December 2015
    Karl Olavson has written a compelling story of the events of late 2013 which will be forever seared in the memories of all our citizens. The events were part of a national movement in reaction to the draconian gun laws passed by the former president’s illegal executive orders. The specific triggers are still unclear though Olavson does a good job of sorting them out in his controversial new book “No Certain Destiny” He leaves us with the impression that there is more to the story than he is telling.
    Olavson denies an active role in the storming of the state capitol and the hanging of the governor and legislators who were convicted by an ad hoc court of high treason and malfeasance in office. The images of the governor and nine state representatives hanging from the improvised gallows on the capitol steps are familiar to all of us by now. Olavson seems to have intimate knowledge of the events that lead us to believe that his part in the story was not simply that of an observer. How in fact did he know of the plans to neutralize the National Guard leadership on the day of the events, and how did he gain such intimate knowledge even as to dates and times of the planning that went into the state troopers stand down in the face of the attack?
    Olavson’s documentation of the press releases put out by the militias prior to the massing of veterans, and other armed citizens, is fairly easy to understand as those are well documented. How does he know of the countless meetings and planning sessions in veteran’s halls across the state? The internal communications between those groups has been the subject of inquiry and controversy following the attack and subsequent rewrite of the State and Federal Constitutions. Olavson even seems to know how National Oath Remembering set in motion the gathering of so many Americans and the final institution of resistance to the erosion of our liberties. The arrest and trial of the false president along with much of his cabinet, many bureaucrats and ranking military are also sketchy as they were never committed to writing of which we are aware.
    His documentation of the evidence for both our governor’s membership in the shadow organization that brought himself and the impeached president to the gallows is left with more questions than answers. In an interview with the Washington Independent News he was asked why he glossed over so many details. His answer was telling and chilling. “The strong arm of patriots may be needed again as those who would enslave us are still a threat. I cannot compromise the mechanisms that saved the Republic as they will be needed once again”
    Olavson’s book, though incomplete in some details, is a must read for all of those who value liberty

    The Gathering
    Gary sat quietly in the backroom of the American Legion Club. This was supposed to be a private card tournament but there were no tables and no cards in evidence. The bad coffee and powdered creamer were there but there was no evidence of a game and none of the banter that normally would accompany such an event. Instead there was a quiet that hung over the room that reminded him of that morning in the Stan just before the RPGs and automatic weapons fire busted loose hell on his squad’s position. His eyes turned to the door when a stooped old man with a walker entered. The Major as he was known made his way slowly to the podium pausing only to nod at old comrades as he passed. In his youth the major had marched out of a frozen hell in Korea. That march had left scars on his body as had the passage of time but his eyes still twinkled with an unbeatable strength. The Major had been the first one to welcome Gary home after his final tour of the hell hole they called “Douchebagistan”.
    The Major turned and spoke clearly from the podium. “You have all been asked here because you have taken an oath to defend this Country’s Constitution. We have asked you here because it is time to remember that oath once more and stand up and be counted. Will you please join me in the Pledge of Alligance.” Chairs shuffled as the group stood to attention with hands on hearts as the familiar words began to fill the room.”I pledge alligance to the flag of the United State of America…” Upon completion the Major said “We have asked Father Jurgen Bauer and Reverend Sig Larson to jointly invoke God’s blessing and lead us in prayer. A mummer ran quietly through the room as the two men of God stood together Lutheran Pastor and Catholic Priest to jointly call the room to their common Father. Lutherans and Catholics alike had never believed this was possible. Something big was up. When the men of God had finished the major asked one more thing of them. He stood to attention and raised his right hand and began to intone once more the Oath of Defense and Service that they all had taken. It had been many years since some of them had spoken the words but there was more than one tear in the corner of an eye as they once again affirmed their commitment as free citizens to defend that which they held dear. “Be seated ladies and Gentlemen”.
    “We have a guest here that is going to address us. I ask for your discretion and an open mind. He is well known to me as I marched out of the Frozen Chosen with his Grandfather. I can vouch for him and all he tells you. What you are about to hear is going to shock some of you who have not been paying attention. Others will know as the story you are about to hear has long been suspected in many places. Please give your full attention to him”. The young man who approached the podium shook hands with the Major and thanked him for the introduction ending with “Thanks Uncle Mike. Mom sends her best”.
    He began to speak at once. “Ladies and gentlemen I am about to show you a video on a disc that I carried here under the utmost secrecy. The man who will be speaking to you may be known to some of you as he is a nationally known former United States representative and a retired Colonel in the US Army. He has served this country all his life and is the single most honorable man, other than my own father and the major here that I have ever met. I ask you to suspend judgment until you hear all that he has to say. I will address you after the video and there will be a time for questions afterwards.. Kill the light please”
    The image of a man with hair cut high and tight dressed in a conservative blue business suit and tie appeared on the screen. He was of the complection often mistakenly called “Black” He was actually brown with the hard set jaw and steady eyes of a man accustomed to command. As he began to speak a voice was heard from the floor “Hey I served under this guy. He’s one tough SOB” “ladies and gentlemen my name is Alvin Eastman. Some of you may recognize me from the news coverage of the hotly contested election results that removed me from office several months ago. Others may recognize me as a former Comrade in Arms. To those I say “HOORAH” Cheers were heard as the man was recognized. He was one of the real hopes for liberty and respected by all who had served with him. The retired Colonel on the screen continued “I am about to lay out for you the details of a conspiracy so vast and so evil that many of you will be reluctant to believe it. Many brave men and women gave their lives so that this information could be collected and presented to you today. The implications of this information are staggering. Our Republic is on the verge of falling and that danger has been concealed by a cabal of evil that is beyond imagination. I ask each of you to remember the Oath you took as the details are laid out for you. What is to be done about this situation will be discussed with you by the representative who brought it upon completion of your viewing. I can tell you that all across this country this is being presented to people just like you. Those who have served are being called once more to rally and stand around the flag. I ask the blessing of a loving and all powerful God on each of us and upon our endeavor. We must stand and fight. We can do no less.
    The video cut to the scene of the recent public inauguration of the president. Colonel Eastman began to lay out the story of a man totally constructed, raised from birth and groomed by powerful forces to become the president. His rise from obscurity had shocked many and the details of his life had been concealed at incredible expense. The people involved in his creation and the plot to “Transform” the United States were carefully documented and exposed for who and what they were. The story began back in the early years of the 20th century and included many well known figures. People from Academia, Politics, the Press and the Unions had all taken part in it. It was indeed too incredible to swallow. The detail of the investigation slowly began to overcome the reticence in the minds of the assembled veterans. This was indeed and attack on their very lives and families. Instead of unrest a feeling of quiet resolve began to fill the room as the Colonel closed with the final words. “All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
    The silence filled that room was like a subzero morning on the prairie. Crisp and clear it hung like a sword over the lives and hopes of all present. The young man who had brought the video next words shattered the silence into shards of ice. “Ladies and gentlemen, what are we to do about this situation?”
    So it began. The organization and arming of a new American Army of Liberation began that night. All over the country in Veteran’s clubs, Church basements and private homes America’s warriors took their weapons from the wall. With the speed of a fall grass fire hearts and minds were awoken once more and America’s Children heirs to the Battles of Lexington and Concord prepared for war.

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