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    I have learned from and enjoyed many of the works of fiction that deals directly with survival and prepping in catastrophic situations. However, the other night I was considering some of the books that have made a significant impact on me and how I look at survival and prepping. I admit they do not cover all those wonderful practical ideas and checklists of things that a good survivalist should know before the apocalypse. But these books (or series) did change how I look at the world in some way. I would love to hear about some of your favorites, too.

    1) Dune by Frank Herbert–I am speaking about the first one or two books in the original series. Most of you know this is a sci-fi classic. For you poor souls who have never read it, most of the story takes place on a very, very dry planet that is the only source of a valuable commodity. Because of the scarcity of water, the characters wear something called a “stillsuit” that captures, filters, and processes into drinkable water ALL of the wearer’s moisture production–respiration, perspiration, and body waste (yes, that means what you think it means.) No, I don’t think a stillsuit is practical, but Dune did change how I look at water shortage and what can be done in a survival situation.

    2) Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel–I would also include at least one or two other books in this series such as Valley of Horses. This is a story about a young human girl who is raised by Neanderthals. It is a very well researched book and how cave men (and the heroine) live and survive. Hunting with a slingshot (the kind you spin over your head), making of many tools and weapons, hunting, food gathering, shelter, etc. are all covered. It is a cool story. It covers the challenges and methods of living in groups, hunting big game, making flint tools, etc. The heroine can do it all just like Alaska Rose!

    3) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon and the whole series. I absolutely love these books. Stick with me here–it really isn’t as strange as it sounds. A 20th century woman ends up in the 1700’s in Scotland during the time of the Highland uprising against the English king. She is a nurse which comes in handy. I won’t tell you any spoilers, but in later books she has developed her 20th century medical skills and ends up in NORTH CAROLINA! You women should read it just for the pleasure of meeting the hero of the book, Jamie Frazer. Mmmm.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting the author at a book signing in Arizona. She lives in Scottsdale. She is absolutely one of the funniest people I have ever seen. Her background is science, research, and technical writing so her books are well researched. What I found relative to my prepping is how a 20th century woman adapted to living in a world prior to technology and survived in a hostile world. There are wars, torture, farming, hunting, and a lot of medical information adapted to less than ideal circumstances. The lead characters, Clara and Jamie, demonstrate the importance of self-reliance, weapons and knowledge of how to use them, helping others but keeping a good dose of distrust, etc.

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