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    In many discussions about immigration I’ve read or have been involved in, the issue of rights seems to come up. To be able to drive a car is not a right. It is a privilege and can be taken away if abused. I feel the same way about being a U. S. citizen. To be an American citizen is a privilege it is not a right and can also be taken away if abused. To become an American citizen you are born into or earn that privilege. It is only when you become an American citizen you are entitled to rights.
    Normally I would object to almost any new law or bill promoted in my state. It seems that with each new law or bill that is passed comes the risk of losing more of my rights and freedoms as a US citizen. There is an issue in Rhode Island that is neither a law or bill but an executive order that a minority of people feel infringes on there rights. An order signed by the governor of Rhode Island that allows state police to check the immigration status of suspects in the course of investigations. A simple traffic stop is an investigation. This same issue I see being raised in other states as well, such as Arizona.
    In the course of an investigation, if there were any doubts I would want and expect a determination as to weather or not the alleged offender is an American citizen. I think the executive order is one of the only smart things done in a while. I see it unfair as an American to hand out the same privileges and rights that have been fought for and earned over the course of our history to some one who is here illegally. Give them a size 10 in the rear
    What prompted me to wright this post is an article about an incoming governor, Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island. Winning the election with the help of Hispanic support by promising to rescind the order signed by Governor Don Carcieri, a Republican. Now that he’s in office he seems to have become the flim-flam man stating the issue needs further discussion before he rescinds the order already in place. The new governor has now created a stir with the Hispanic supporters that have helped him get into office.
    Would like to here any thoughts or opinions out there on, the executive order allowing state police to check immigration status as well as the new Governor and his, for the time being minority supporters.

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