October Campout for Ozark Mountain Preppers

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    Hey guys.. havent posted on here for a while.. but am unable to access email now… so for those in our group who still visit here….. here is the info for October Meeting…. We are camping Oct 17-19…. at the site we rented for a year :)… if your not able to camp we will be starting on Saturday at 12:30 with our demonstrations… there will be a two mile hike in FULL Bug-out gear… so bring it ALL…. we will be demonstrating emergency shelters, emergency water filtration, and there will be a “think” tank session on the reasons YOU personally are prepping….

    Friday night I will be making a huge pot of chili.. and Saturday we will be doing the “milkcan” dinner… if your planning on camping out.. all that i ask you to bring are some donuts/ fruit for Continental breakfast… as I dont plan on firing up the grill or cooking on the campout fire…. YOUR more than welcome to cook whatever you like :)… but will be busy weekend so am trying to lighten my work-load :)…. also bring peronal snacks and drinks :)… Tea, Lemonade, coffee will be provided….

    If you already know where we live but have not yet been to campsite…. Whiteboard will have directions on front porch… its less than a mile from the farm…..

    Also remember, its great fishing on the river is you like to fish :)… hope to see you October 🙂

    POE 🙂

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