Off Grid Living and Extreme Composting

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    I just came across a really cool guy/family that I thought I’d share wtih you. For all I know, he may be on this forum. I found this guy’s posts on composting via

    Here are his posts (on another forum) about extreme composting. Talk about inspirational! I’ve learned so much by the info shared here and the pictures are awesome too. I have 2 small compost piles myself and just in the past 6 months or so have really started studying about it and trying to implement what i can.

    Here is his wife’s blog. I am so inspired and in awe of this wonderful family. Over the past few days (mostly during my lunch hour and breaks), I’ve read every one of her blog entries starting from the first one until now. I am so impressed not only by their look on life, off-grid living, composting/gardening, etc. but by the fact that they are seriously practicing what they believe.

    There are so many sites like this that I have found over the past few years that make me wish I had the money to go take a road trip and meet some of these people in person. Sometimes, in the “real world” I feel so alone with my interests. It seems like the only people I have things in common with are the “old people”. LOL. But it’s people like this who I read about online that … well… I just wish they knew how much of an inspiration they are and how helpful it is that they take the time to share what they know, how they live and what they believe wtih others like me.

    Have a blessed day,

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