OK, Here We Are

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    OK, Here we are.

    Is the old forum defunct?

    Will it keep going?

    If it is to die a natural death, are the posts going to be transferred here?

    Just wonderin’,



    Please don’t delete the old forum yet. As a new member, just finding you all, I would like the opportunity to browse all the information on that site. Could it be a reference ‘Read Only’ site? -k


    I just posted on the old site yesterday! It was such a witty and clever post, I’d hate for it to be lost forver. Just kidding, of course, I was looking forward to reading all the great info over there, now I can’t even FIND the old forum!!


    i agree SciFiChick – we really should move some of the stuff from the old forum over here! and Smokelaw1 – i will head over to the old forum right now to catch your witty post!


    Apparently I am in the same boat as well. Just joined have apparently been “light prepping” for awhile but didn’t realize there was a term for it or a place to talk about it. Actually didn’t talk about it to anyone other than my wife since we learned early it brought on the ‘coo-coo stare’ from outside people.

    Was getting some great info from reading the old forum posts. Look forward to more from this forum.



    Welcome Wingnut – glad to have you here! it seems that many are interested in keeping the old forum going for a while until we move the good stuff over here….


    Unfortunately we can’t transfer the information on the old forum to the new forum. But anyone wanting to copy their posts from the old to the new are more than welcome to. The old forum will stay up for a while so don’t worry about losing anything.


    thanks Matt! and to everyone else – let’s get copying!


    @Matt– some sites allow achieving, like backing up a forum’s contents to a pdf. Is that a possibility? We should consider that there’s a treasure trove of information on the old forum & it wouldn’t be very prepper-like if we didn’t look to the future (when the grid goes does?) and secured this information for individuals to have in hard copy.

    Which brings me to a reminder especially for the new folks here. Remember that information is only useful if you can access it. There are several posts at the old forum about starting a hard copy notebook. Computers die. Things happen. The only way you can be sure you have the info you need when you need it is to have a hard copy.


    Thanks guys for interest in both the old and new forum…fortunately we are paid up for I think at least 9 months on the old forum so that info will be there to stay for quite a while. I’d say just grab whatever good stuff you want from the old forum and repost over here. There is still tons of great info there so we will keep it in use for awhile. No need to let anything go to waste.


    Might be a silly question, but what is the address of the old forums?

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