Old non-scented candles & cardboard

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    Saw this on another forum not sure if it’s been brought up on the old forum:

    Buddy Burners

    All you need is:
    -Metal can/tin (preferably one with a re-sealable lid)
    -Corugated cardboard
    -Un-scented candle

    1) Roll the cardboard so the corgated part sticks up (so you can see the holes), obviously make sure it fits into the can/tin, then cut the cardboard to the same height of the can/tin, remembering to keep the holes facing up.
    2) Secure said cardboard with a rubberband to keep it the same size.
    3) Melt the candle down until its liquid (I used an empty coke-can, cut the top off and stuck it in a sauce pan with a little bit of water. Once the water boils it heats up the can, plus this way the can wont burn your fingers.. too bad)
    4) After wax is melted pour it into the can/tin until its about halfway full
    5) *do this semi-quickly* Remove rubberband from cardboard and stick it into the can/tin.
    6) After that pour wax ONTO the cardboard until it seeps between the rolls. (best bet is to leave a little cardboard in the center untouched by the wax, thus making it easier to light)
    7) after the last of the wax is in the can/tin you can put it in the Fridge to cool it faster.

    I used unscented candles because you may not want people to smell Fruity Patootie Potpori in a survival situation. Hope this will help some of you. There is also a VERY good video on youtube I can put up later that shows how to do this as well.


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