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    :thumbsup: 👿 :gunsmile: My kind of People! Give ring on the post reply and will talk some, beer is a good thing to have! I am former USAF Security Police and Mt Pocono Police, Culinary Arts 8) { CHEF }, my wife and son are in the medical field, daughter is still in high school! I am down to earth person and family. I have great ideas for a secure retreat if need be from the Air Force { Air Base Ground Defense Security }! Warning :cursing: “DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER OF”, the guy :gunshooting: John who runs the site is a preztel stick and would ban you for saying beer or something stupid, I made a missprint on my post and god banned, he email me that I can read his instructions and told me good bye! I Hit post this message without a message in the box! I mean how controlling is that? So be aware of the stupidity on this web page, join that blog at your own risk and get banned, beer time, see ya! :cursing:


    USAFESO20th, I just saw your post. I know it is pretty old, but honestly, I am so disappointed in how disorganized this whole prepper deal is. I am in the York county area and looking to connect with some like kind people to share some ideas, information and ….. dare I say it, perhaps a beer or two. If you are still in the area, and can spare a couple minutes, drop me a line. My email is, or I look forward to hearing from you. Dan

    tom servo

    hello all, I am new to this forum and generally you wouldn’t hear from me at all. My situation is this: I am a veteran and current first responder (on many levels), I am a displaced professional due to covid and have limited resources. I have a wealth of experience and skills I am happy to share with the right community/ family. I am civilized and polite, I work hard and am trust worthy. I use my life in service and am frankly quite concerned(as I imagine most of you all are) with the current trends. Again I have most of my own gear and most importantly I have knowledge and experience, I am in excellent health; what I am looking for is a work away type arrangement, really more networking, but I am happy to help you build a barn or cook dinner for you. I’ll drift through here occasionally, to check back.
    I will say I am very cautious, I saw a post that was obviously fishing in the sign up process today. If you don’t pass the smell test, sorry i wont be getting back to you. Its nothing personal but if you know, you know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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