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    Phelan, sorry to butt in to the conversation but when you mentioned a 49 panhead and a 83 shovel I couldn’t help myself.

    I myself dig the fact that most people would consider me a walking contradiction. I am in a technical field by trade but my heart lies with my family, Harleys, dirt and chickens.

    Personally, I feel that while there may be no prepper “type” of person. Preppers do have a similar mindset and are much more independent and confident than sheeple.

    But that is just my opinion.


    Phelan – i am sooooo jealous about your and hubby’s rides – how freakin awesome! and also…ya…i would so love to meet you…especially considering that i lurked around your homesteading blog for so long. you have taught me a lot dear girl. and man…i really freakin like ya! i would sooo love to meet you too! but maybe Tom will really go ahead and have a prepper meet-up and camping weekend in the summer like he keeps threatening and if he does – he’s a bit closer and we would do our best to make it. i believe that we can definitely make it to Tom’s or to the fourth or fifth prepper symposium…and if so, i am gonna be all over you like white on rice!

    Slaw buddy…i’ve been seeing you alot around the forum today – glad to have you here friend! and yer right – there is no prepper stereotype which i think is super cool. every one of us is individual and unique – yet somehow we all have the same mindset! i call it having a brain in yer head that actually works – bahahahahah!


    Who doesn’t love a bike Slaw? My husband builds and repairs scoots for a living. It seems to be in our blood. And you are correct about the stereotypes. I did a post the other day after that newsweek article came out, about lumping us all together.

    For a very long time, I was the only biker/homesteader blogger out there. Now I am starting to see more, and it’s nice. Husband and I are very much the contradictions, bikes, parties, rallies, business, gardening, and animal husbandry. We mix new school mechanics with old school living. It never stays boring around here to say the least.

    Kymber, you crack me up


    ya Phel…i gotta admit…i try gurl. just to keep you on your toes. and keep a smile on yer face. speaking of yer face – when we gonna see a pic of yer face?


    I’ve been told I have really pretty eyes


    wow i think you got a face for radio…or bankrobbing! bahahahahahaha!



    Go to the site that has the picture that you want to post. There is a control right above the computer clock. The control will enlarge or shrink what you see on the site, in fact it will shrink the whole page. The control is probably set on 100%. Click the button and a column of %numbers will pop up. Start out at 30%. Use your cursor and select 30%. What this does is reduce the picture by 70% so it is now 30% of it’s original size. download the picture to a file. The picture will download at 30%. If 30% is still too big try 20%.


    Here’s another place that’ll help ya make instant Avatars of photos on your HDD… in thumbnail sizes acceptable on most online MBs. make yur own & save it in an avatar folder on your HDD. They’re like potato chips – You CAN’T just DO ONE!!! Enjoy!” onclick=”;return false HTH – Teri


    Tigger and DreamSpinner – thanks so much for the help!


    I would post a pic of myself but every time I take one of me the camera breaks! 😆


    bahahahahah – RW – its sooo nice to see you here! Welcome friend! we are so happy to have you!!!!


    Hey Kymber! You never know when or where I might turn up. I usually go around checking things out in “Stealth” mode while in disguise. :ugeek:


    riverwalker…..I will echo what my pretty little friend, kymber, has stated…’s really nice to see you here and we are glad to have ya! 😀



    RW – i know – yer just too “stealthy” to keep up to!

    and nice to see you again dear Bob! i bin keepin my eye out for you!


    Thanks for the welcome idahobob. I’ll be around checking out some of the discussions. I also linked to the forum for Texas Preppers Network now that Matt has the new forum up and running.

    Golly Kymber…you’ve got me figured out. Can’t sneak much by you! 😆

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