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    Here, in Pennsylvania there has occasionally been discussion to ban plastic shopping bags. I know in a couple of states that is already in place. Plastic bags have a LOT of uses and I usually find those uses! One of my latest is learning to make ‘plarn’ and crocheting with it! (I’m making a small mat for putting shoes on, in our garage, right now!) I know some groups make mats for the homeless to sleep on. Recently our son expressed needing something to sleep on, if he goes camping, under his sleeping bag that would be light enough to hike with! I’m considering making him one for that!

    I have a LOT of plastic grocery bags stored! a LOT! Hubby has OCD and usually comes home with a handful. When he’s not looking, I grab them and put them ‘away’, lol! They are SO easy to fold, while they are still ‘new’ and all together from the factory! My original thought was to have them for bucket-potties. Then I read A.American’s series and one of the things he mentioned was the lack of plastic bags and how useful it would be to have one. Point taken. I’ll continue to store my bags.

    I also have the various zip lock bags stored away. We seem to go through them a lot, in our house. Since it’s nearly ‘Back-to-school’, I’ll stock up, again, when the lunch bag sales start.

    Another size to consider is the craft size. The ones that are in the bead isle. There are a couple of different sizes. I’ve used these to make ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) for my Pandemic Preps. It’s dry contents that are mixed with water to replenish electrolytes & hydration, if you get the flu. Perfect size for this.

    The snack, sandwich & craft size bags would be great bartering size bags for small amounts.

    Trash bags have lots of uses, besides trash.

    Then … let’s talk the BIG, I mean REALLY BIG Contractor size … the 55 gallon size. One use that not many people think of is …. Body Bags. You’d need a couple AND some duct tape. Seriously … being prepared means for ‘anything’ and this is an ‘anything’ that not a lot of people consider. Especially if it is an illness/pandemic event you are in the middle of.

    So, who else is storing a lot of plastic bags? What are some of the things you’re thinking of using them for?

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    I have a LOT of Ziplock freezer bags in both quart and gallon sizes for storing unused FD food that I need to keep dry. Plan is to put unused portions into a bag, toss in a food grade silica gel pack and seal it up until the next time we need it. When finished, I can recharge the silica gel packs in my Sun Oven for the next batch…
    Supermarket plastic bags are an endangered species around here, but so far they haven’t banned them everywhere…so I keep stocking up on them for free each time I shop. Only torn bags get recycled, the others get stored. I use them to carry lunch or other supplies into work, to keep small items out of the rain and to line the bathroom garbage cans. I even keep my cereal boxes wrapped in two plastic bags, inner is open at the top, outer is open at the bottom. Keeps moisture out of the packages, so they seem fresher to me despite being out of date more often than not… Also useful as dust covers for smallish items so irregularly used items don’t need cleaning every time I go to use them.
    I also have lots of garbage bags, from kitchen size up through contractor big bags. Both for the uses you mentioned and anything I hadn’t thought of until the need arises. It pays to be both prepared and flexible. 🙂


    I do keep the store plastic shopping bags unless they have large holes in them. I have a 5gal bucket full of these in my kitchen. They’re used for trash bags for small garbage cans in 4 rooms and in my vehicle. Sometimes they are used to wrap items up to keep dust off. I’ve seen how they can woven and made into other items, but haven’t done it myself.

    I also store tall kitchen bags for routine use, and contractor/large can bags for emergency use.

    On Ziploc bags, I’ll sometimes reuse the food stored bags for small hardware in a 2nd usage, as long as I’m not having to spend more energy cleaning them than makes sense. I also keep extra ziploc bags in my emergency bags, as well as using them to separate out items in those packs by purpose.


    Many years ago, we went to a case lot sale at the commissary and some of the items sold were cases of sandwich and larger zipper bags. I stocked up on 4 cases. We are just now to the last box of baggies for several sizes. I tend not to use them much, generally, I store foods in small plastic containers rather than bags. That said, they have come in handy. I will stockpile more.

    I spent a couple evenings once folding the store plastic bags into little footballs like you did with paper as a kid in school. I got rid of every bag with holes in it and only folded the good ones. They are in a holder in the laundry room and we pluck from it when needed. The last few months, I have accumulated more, and need to do it again. We use the bags as small trash can liners, to clean out kitty litter, to give things to neighbors, and other uses, too.

    We have both 30 gallon and 55 gallon contractor bags. I use both, mostly for leaf trash, but also for closet-clean-outs to send stuff to the thrift shop. I’d not thought of other uses, but I’ll keep them in mind. 🙂

    I have thought about the “plarn” that Ready Mom mentions…I’d have to get a larger crochet hook, but that is an option for the bags with holes.


    Oh, and you can also fuse plastic bags together to make a type of plastic “fabric” that can be used to make other things.

    There are other instructions around the internet, too.

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