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    Some people are experiencing login and posting issues. Unfortunately it’s next to impossible to troubleshoot or even diagnose a problem if we are unable to duplicate the issue. If it’s not happening to us, then we have no idea where to even begin to look.

    So here are some things to try:
    [*]Clear all your cookies and cache.
    [*]Try logging in from a different device and see what happens
    [*]Click the link at the very bottom that says “delete all board cookies”
    [*]Try logging in from a proxy server

    If you are still experiencing issues, please provide as much of the following information as possible
    [*]Date and time that the incident occurred
    [*]A good description of exactly what happened
    [*]Error codes if any
    [*]A screenshot if anything abnormal
    [*]What type of device you are using
    [*]What browser you are using
    [*]Any other pertinent information that could possibly help us in discovering what this elusive bug is.


    Issues with new forum, fyi…
    It seems to run very slow, takes a long time to get from one page to another when I click on something.
    Also, I had posted a prepper fiction story shortly before the old forum went down, and the new forum seems to have lost all the replies.
    No big deal, just letting you know what’s what.
    Again, thanks for all the work you do here.


    FINALLY found you again! I’m also having adjustment problems with the new forum. I’m missing the old format 🙁

    – It’s running VERY VERY S-L-O-W (as stated above). Can’t move from page to page very easily. Taking FOREVER.

    -Is there a page that lists all the new posts? Can’t seem to find one.

    -I did notice that the ‘toilet paper’ thread came up, in my profile (still haven’t figured out that page) and when I clicked it, it seems that the post where I listed all the original APN threads for various TP topics are now no good. We may have lost all that info! This is probably true for other similar posts I made that were directing folks to info.

    Thanks for all the hard work getting the new home. It’s a daunting task. We’ll probably find we have to start over more than expected with prep info posts. -k


    I’m not yet sure what we can do to increase the speed. A lot of posts are missing simply because the sub-forums they were posted in are simply “turned off”. I turned off a lot of things in order to transition over. Some of them I will turn back on, but that all depends on how it goes.

    For “new posts”, click the activity link


    thanks NIP. Still trying to navigate. Found the ‘Activity’ list, so have that bookmarked.

    ?? Is there a way to change a thread so that the newest post is at the top of a thread, instead of scroll down through all the old posts in that thread?


    Are we able to access our old post’s. Or are they gone. Pilgrim


    Just tossing out some things I’m realizing as I post:

    ??? Will we have a choice for font colors?

    ??? Can we have a ‘Post Preview’ option? Right now, we can only post our text, and then have to go back and edit, if there is a mistake. Sometimes, I type too fast and find my mistake after I’m done.

    ??? Will there eventually be emoticons available?


    SPEED is MUCH better! THANK YOU!!!! 🙂


    I find speed is variable, and seems to slow down when there is a lot of traffic all over the web. It could be that slow times are the result of some bottle neck somewhere out of the administrator’s control.

    As for colors, I am hoping for some differentiation between regular posts, stickies, and those ~in case of forum error~ threads that appear everywhere I go.”


    Howdy all and long time no visit/post! A while back I started getting emails from WordPress saying my id was “mentioned in an update” so figured forum was being migrated. Sorry for being MIA but great job NIP, Wolfe, RM, Ice and everyone else assisting with move. 🙂

    I’m still trying to figure things out, unfortunately won’t be on much due to several major book projects we’re working on … but had to come snoop and say hi.

    Also wanted to ask if there’s a way to search on new forum format? I was gonna update my volcanic eruption posts and found 1 of 3 but don’t have time to wade thru pages of Disaster prep posts for now so will come back.

    Hope everyone’s doing well and thank you all for helping people prep! j / itsa


    Nevermind ~ I found search box (duh). Stay safe all, j


    Itsa! Good to “see” you! Sure do miss you!

    John Galt 1

    Thanks for getting back online. I realize how much work is involved maintaining a site like this.


    I’ve been a member on this site since 2009.
    I used to like it here. Not anymore.
    For whatever reason, it has been ruined.

    I’m gone.


    The old site was much easier to navigate, I don’t know why the change, but for me, it was not for the good. Don’t come here much as it’s too difficult to see what’s new.

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