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    This is what I carry, every day, and almost always on me, or the cab of my pick up. It takes up very little space, and is what I cansider to be the bare minimum for me to survive long enough to build proper shelter and do the things I need to survive!
    1. 2 unlubricated condoms. I use these as a tournicut (I cant find a spell ck, lol), and to store water. They are very durable.
    2. Buck lock back knife
    3. Extra shoe string and a few feet of 550 cord.
    4. Space blanket
    6. Magnesium fire starter
    7. Dryer lint for tinder
    8. small basic first aid kit
    9. assortment of fish hooks (not only for fishing but have come in handy for survival traps)
    10. sewing kit and extra safety pins.

    What do you carry? Do you have a daily carry kit? I of course modify what I carry by activity, but this is my basics.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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