Popcorn Long Term Storage

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    I recently saw a one hour show on either Discovery or History channel about corn. I never realized how important corn is and it’s many uses. I also never knew how many different types of corn there are. I learned from this show that popcorn is grown to contain a high moisture content. When the kernel is heated the moisture in it turns to steam and it pops! Thus popcorn!

    My concern is I planned to buy 50 lb. bags of popcorn from Sam’s Club, who sells it very cheap, and store it long term. Since I learned that popcorn has a high moisture content I would think that it will not store very long and turn rancid after a short term. Popcorn is the only corn I can find in bulk in my area (New Orleans).

    Does anyone know if my concerns about popcorn are correct? I’m wide open for suggestions.

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