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    I just wanted to throw out there that radio chatter could produce unwanted results if the wrong group or persons were to intercept your communications and use it to their advantage. With that thought in mind, a fellow prepper and friend of mine and I have come up with our language essentially to convey our message to each other. We are seperated by many states and plan to keep in contact to provide informational aspects of our regional challenges moving forward. However I wanted to share the basic premise of how we decided to handle it.

    First thing we agreed upon was that our code was going to be numerically based and broadcast. With only call signs or handles being openly verbalized.

    Second we decided to centralize our numeric based code on a book that we both own, same versions, and compared pages to make sure the were identical.

    Third our code was devised using page numbers, paragraph numbers, sentence numbers, and lastly word numbers and not necessarily in the general pecking order.

    Fourth vowing to randomize pulling common words like the, and, etc etc from the book and trying to never use the same numbers twice with regards to them.

    We have practiced the code and it has been successful. Although it does take some time to find and document the number and then translate, the messages are deliberate and precise and not easily decoded with not knowing the number sequencing and reference material.

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