CHILDREN-How to Balance Their Childhood with Your Prepping

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    I am wondering how you all do this. Being the only prepper to my knowledge in my surroundings I am getting a lot of strange looks my way because I simply refuse to buy things for my kids which are not really necessery (in my opinion). Example: every couple of years or so it is freezing enough to go out and go skating on natural ice. Since my daughters are 7 and almost 9 they still grow a lot. I don’t want to buy skates for them, not even 2nd hand (10 euro’s a piece and 10 euros for getting them sharpened again) because they grow at least 1 size every year. They have a nice wooden sled (given to me when my oldest was just born). Now on school they go on the natural ice skating and my daughters are the only ones without skates. Other parents are making remarks towards me and also them. This is only on example of what is going on. I think I have the right to do not buy the skates and others just have to accept that.

    I ‘sacifice” a lot to becoming prepared and self sufficient. I also apperently ‘sacrifice’ in regards with the children and ppl say that I have not right to threat my children like this. I should be giving them a lot more. Also I do a lot of farmers markets and that is hard work. If I am not able to find someone to look after them that day they have to come with me and control their needs for a day (customers go first, so they have to wait untill I have time). Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it rains and they have to enjoy themselfes in the truck ( I always take with me games and lovely food for a truck pick nick:)
    PPl say that I can’t do this and expect my children to behave ‘they are only children they say’.

    Personaly I think I can ask this from my children since nobody is paying my bills (no child support from their father either).
    Do you think it is selfish to persue my goals?
    How do you ‘sell’ this life style to your children.

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