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    Not sure where to post this. I don’t see the canning section anymore. I was thinking and for some reason my mind was thinking about canning.

    We have to All American caners that will can 7 quarts each per run. So if me and my wife canned for 7 days straight we could can 784 quarts. From what I have read this would be enough food for one person for I year. This would be over 65 cases of jars. If you knew something was coming. I don’t think there are 65 cases of jars to be bought in my area. Nor would you be able to buy enough food for fill those jars in that amount of time. for example if all the jars were filled with meat if would be 1,568 pounds of hamburger meat. There is just not that much available to purchase assuming no one else got a clue what was coming. So I guess back to prepping my stockpile.


    We can a lot. I probably do have 68 cases of canning jars. Some I bought for full price, some were on sale, and some I got at yard sales.

    You don’t go buy a bunch of food when the SHTF and then start canning. The trick with canning is to do it now, and then keep doing it – during the summer (right now), canning is usually a 3-4 times a week chore. We also canned in fall/winter – whenever I made soups or got my hands on venison, I canned it.

    As you can, you also rotate the food – so you may eat spaghetti sauce once a week – well, that means you need 52 jars of spaghetti sauce. But you don’t just can it and let it sit – you eat the oldest jar once a week, and then when you’ve eaten 7 jars (your canner size) then make another batch of 7 jars.

    Same with all the other foods.

    Keep an inventory of what you have, and keep the canner handy to can as needed.


    I also can a lot. Current count is around 82 cases of jars, in sizes ranging from 4 oz “jelly” jars, to 1/2 gallon jars (currently most of them are full of olives from my tree at the house in town) and everything in between…pints, pint-and-a-half, quarts, etc. Of course, I think I’ve under-counted, because I’ve lost track of how many additional quart jars I’ve obtained when I’ve bought my honey at the Farmer’s Market…probably at least 2 dozen. Some of them are filled, others are waiting for me to fill them.

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    I don’t think it’s possible to get unaddicted to the jar habit >>> you swear off and they pull you back in …. I swore I’d only buy half gallons if I found them cheap – then you hit a garage sale and there’s cases of pints sitting for 50 cents a case …


    I also use my jars for dry goods. I’d rather use glass than plastic. I have Cream of Wheat, various nuts, quinoa, chia seeds, oatmeal, dog biscuits, stevia, dehydrated bananas, and pineapples all on my counter in glass jars.

    More jars are in my bathroom with cotton balls, cotton tips, flossers, and solution packets for the Neti pot in them.

    My sewing room has yet more jars with small items in them.

    Canning jars are useful for storing lots of things.


    We have canned homemade chili, stew, meatloaf, and chicken. Also have at this time 108 lbs of hamburger meat. These items are for regular use. However they do make a short term supply. If something where to come up I would try to fill all the empty jars I have in inventory. Just saying with the systems we use today the average town has 48 hours of food on hand. I also heard somewhere that the US as a whole only had 30 days food supply. If everyone in your town went to your local grocery store and just bought $100 worth of food. The shelves would be empty before everyone spent there $100. Just a fact. Prep to a level you are comfortable with.


    I’m comfortable with my amount of stored food at the moment, which includes things I’ve canned. I haven’t made time for canning lately, and space is tight at my current place. I have 2 canners (a Presto and an All-American), extra lids and a modest number of jars on hand, however the bulk of my <empty> jars are in storage until I move again. My cucumbers are doing well, so I may do pickles in a fermenting crock instead.


    I buy regular and wide mouth metal canning lids all the time – pick them up as I go along. I read somewhere that unlike the old days, the metal lids are no longer reusable. I probably have 20 boxes of both in the LTS.

    When Tattler had their big sales, I bought the plastic lids with rubber rings in quantity in both wide-mouth and regular sizes. I have used them to can (testing), but as I’ve rotated and used the contents of jars with Tattler lids, I’ve returned them to the LTS so if the SHTF, and I no longer have access to metal lids, I will use the Tattler lids. They can be reused if you care for them properly, or so the literature says.

    Here’s the website.

    Watch for sales – they used to have one once a year.

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