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    You may be reading this post because your interest in ‘prepping’ has been piqued and you’re wondering just what you will need to do, if you want to start. Or, maybe you have already decided that you want to be proactive for the possibility that disaster can strike your family in the many ways we mentioned in WHY Prepare?

    Emergency Managers and Emergency agencies are aware of the many situations that families can find them selves from something as ‘simple’ as a loss of jobs to an extreme situation from weather, disaster or terrorism. The scale of emergencies is wide.

    Whatever the reason, you are sitting there, shaking your head, looking at your screen and asking “Then WHAT DO I DO?”“HOW do I START?” . Starting is easy. But be warned: Once you start, you are going to find yourself on a life-changing journey that will be a continual process of education. ‘Prepping’ will offer you peace of mind that you have done all that you can to prepare your household & family so that they can weather a small disruptive event (like unemployment of a family breadwinner) or a major event that effects not just your family, but your local community or our country-at-large.

    So, what to do? We’ll help you with some basic ‘How-To’ Information in this forum. -k

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