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    Hello, I am a new member, but not new to long term storage. I am a gluten free,all natural,
    dry mix MFG., we are one of the few dry mix companies that use freeze dried products offered
    for sale on grocery store shelves.
    A few months ago, after speaking about storing Gfree foods, I had a man say well they can eat wheat
    or starve! I response was no they could eat it and die or become very ill.
    We are announcing a complete wesite for surival/long term storable foods for people with allergies.
    After calling several long term sites and being told there is no need, it’s too expensive and others, we went to work.
    Our factory is 40,000 sq ft, and ready to offer a new product line out of it.
    On the average a $6.99 bag of Texas Sausage and Bean soup feeds a family of 6, add a can of our ALL Natural
    canned beef to it and you have a meal for $12.00 that is gluten free.
    We are Celiac Sprue Association members, our current site , has great reviews
    These are the same products that will be offered on the long term food storage site.
    Let me know what you think! Teri

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