Prepping Goals for 2010

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    I am afraid you are right…..

    @ponymama44 wrote:

    love the blog Ldychef
    25 every 2 weeks will be hard but you sound tough enough to do it!


    My goals are:
    1. finding and moving to a small farm (rented)
    2. learning to use my newly bought grain mill in bread baking and improve my sourdough bread baking
    3. find out what pressure canner I need, import it, and learn how to pressure can
    4. learning how to make cheese (got all the tools already)
    5. improving pantry prepardness
    6. working on family prepardness (72 hour food etc)
    7. learning to use my dutch ovens


    @Slaw901 wrote:

    I don’t know how much attention your landlord pays but here is an option:” onclick=”;return false

    Yes that’s exactly what I was thinking, but fear that it blow away easily. I get very high winds where I am. May have to find a way to anchor it to the ground.


    Great topic!

    Mine are:

    1. to get a pressure canner and dehydrator
    2. finally fix the greenhouse
    3. Maybe extend our garden to a neighbors plot
    4. buy a new generator


    Hmmmm….thought I had done this already, but it seems to have “disappeared” (I keep hitting the wrong button when I go to post). For 2010, my prep goals are:

    Get husband to remove the tops of the 4 55 gallon barrels so I can clean them out (they originally had soda syrup in them), put in the spigots, and set them up as rain barrels;
    Find a way to keep the *#%&* deer, rabbits, and groundhog out of the garden;
    Lime the heck out of the garden (our soil is naturally very acidic: great for blueberries, azaleas, roses, and rhododenrons, not so great for everything else);
    Till in more compost;
    Increase garden production;
    Finish installing the drip irrigation system (the lines are laid, just have to add the emitters);
    Talk husband into letting me raise rabbits for meat and fur;
    Talk husband into starting a solar energy setup;
    Add more grains to food storage.


    I just joined this group because I’ve always felt like the world just wasn’t getting it. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, working hard, and seeing the fruits of my labor. Right now I live in a completely unsustainable house in a neighborhood surrounded by other people’s farms. I truly hate it. I want to grow my own food and be responsible for my own life. I want this for my future children. I guess my 2010 goals would be to learn more about the self sustaining lifestyle & green living, finish college, save up (or win the lottery) to purchase land, build a house, barn, etc., and start a new life. I better hurry!


    You’ve come to the right place for getting started, AlwaysRedE (well, for everything except winning the lottery!) Lots of good people and good information on this forum.


    So far, my plans for 2010 are to –

    Purchase either an AK-74 or an AR-15, haven’t decided which yet. Also looking into a handgun, probably a glock or FN. Also a good amount of ammunition for both.

    Finish building my medical kit, I need to take out some useless items, get some quikclot, and add a few essentials.

    Start a small food inventory of everyday canned foods that I can use and replace year round, so that it can just fit in the grocery budget.


    AlwaysRedE…make sure to stop in to the Welcome New Members thread and introduce yourself…we really like to welcome all of our new members…and we are glad to have you!
    i think that you will find many like-minded people here and we look forward to your contribution here!


    Those are some great goals! MY goals are more mundane:
    1) Organize the food we have/find out what else we need for a year supply.
    2) get the Gov. off our back about the house building.
    3) finish the “undocumented” parts of the house.
    4) install wood stove.
    5) get wood brought in for it’s use
    6) LOTS of fencing
    7) build chicken coop, get chickens
    8) get a cow/ hay for the winter
    9) start a garden (20 acres of NOTHING right now)
    10) put up the green house (already purchased)
    11) start fruit orchard
    12) start berry patches
    13) build water reclamation system.
    I know there will be more, but Don’t know if it will all ACTUALLY get done this year, but those are the goals.
    With DH out of town, it may be not as fast as we had planned. me and 6 kids under 11 can only do so much. 🙂

    Baby steps, build a farm….


    i have been avoiding adding our prepping goals to this thread because our “prepping” situation has really changed…alot…recently. as some of you know – we purchased our homestead this year…in the exact location that we wanted and it has everything that we require! however, our homestead is 1,000 miles away from where we currently reside. we are currently in the city while my husband works another 1-2 years so that we could save money and have more time to get ready before we make the move. but, with the situation of the world the way it is, we are becoming a little more vigilant about getting out of the city…fast!

    and then there is the other situation that we are dealing with…recently. when we purchased our current home…with a giant big backyard full of trees and green and a little park and gazebo…our neighbour to the left was far enough away that we didn’t see them and they didn’t see us. and on the right side of us was an empty lot. we have been in this house and beautiful yard for almost 4 years. living in paradise. and always thankful.

    a couple of weeks ago…construction started on the lot next door. it started with a mature, 60ft white pine that shaded our deck being cut down. with no thought or mercy. it was awful! next came the hacking down of half of the fully-established 20ft cedar hedges that lined our two property lines. and then – in the last week – a god-awful fortress, 2 stories high is now bearing down on top of our bungalow – the side wall of the fortress is 5 feet from our house. our paradise has been destroyed and our privacy is gone.

    if this sounds like whining – it just might be. but this is our situation right now and we want out of here. so our prepping plans for this year are kind of going to go off kilter as we now shift our mindsets and goals into selling this house in the next year and being in our homestead full-time…much sooner than we planned for – but hey – we’re preppers – and we prepare for the unexpected.

    so that’s it. that’s our prepping goals for this year. we need to use up our preps so that we don’t need to ship them 1,000miles – all the while keeping and maintaining at least one month’s worth of preps and hope that it is enough. we need to clear all of the clutter out of the house and sort and box all of the things that we will need to move to the homestead – and get rid of everything else. we need to focus on going a little sooner than we planned.

    but hey – everything happens for a reason and maybe this is somebody/something telling us to get out of the city sooner! who knows?

    Marica – i am going to need all of your expert and recent experience in moving while prepping….please?


    enjoy the east, its a great part of the country. i’ll be staying in toronto for as long as i can see but i’d like to move out west of here a bit. to be around the guelph area, its a lovely part of the province.

    my only goal for this year is to finish off school and get a job that earns me the money i need. i’ll also be stocking up on plenty of non-fiction books. its important to keep learning, after you leave school it seems a lot of people stop the learning process in their lives so i’d like to keep the fires going as long as possible. brushing up on cooking and herbalism.


    hey ProxyCell…thanks for that! and yes – the Guelph area is a beautiful and lots of beautiful farms – great place to be when SHTF!

    good luck with finishing school! and you will find many like-minded people here who agree that learning is something that you do until you take your last breath! oh and we have lots of great cooks and herbalists here so if you have a question – yell!

    and make sure to check into the Canadian Preppers Network (link under my sig) – i think that you will like it there too and we would be very glad to have you!


    Well we have just begun so our goals will show this:
    1) finish stocking the pantry and supply room to support my family of three for one year.
    2) build a chisken coop and purchase chickens
    3) double amount of stored ammo
    4) begin investing in precious metals
    5) pay off as muck debt as possible



    While you’re going through your stuff and “downsizing” things that you don’t want to move, try and sell as much of the unwanted stuff as possible. Then, take the money that you got from selling your unwanted stuff, and put it into a “homestead fund”….a stash of money that you can use to help either get you out of your current location faster, help pay for the move, or help you replenish your preps when you get to your new location. You may feel like you’re in a whirlwind with all that needs to be done, but you WILL get through it!

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